Cable connector

Copper connector

Aluminium connector

Bimetallic connector

Brass connector

Aluminium solderless lugs

Insulated Piercing Connector
Parallel groove clamp
Dead end clamp
Brace clamp
Anchoring branch clamp
Anchor clamp bracket
Stainless steel band and buckles
Braid copper wire
Overhead line fittings

link fittings

Electrical insulator

Insulator series

OPGW Fiber Cable Fittings
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Stainless steel cable tie

S30S Automatic double head chamfering machine

95B Brace Clamp

PAG-100 Anchor Clamp

200ZH Full automatic pipe cutting machine

S50S/S80S automatic double head chamfering machine

S20Z Automatic double head chamfering machine

NF UV protect dead end clamp(opgw fittings)

DTL-4 Preinsulated Crimping Lug for CU or ALU Terminal

CAB25 Stainless Steel Anchor Bracket

Industry News

Envision Energy expands Boulder operations into Colorado Building

China in nuclear energy race

China’s State Grid to build Brazil’s longest power line

China turns to free markets to tame fuel pollution

2016 Global Rankings Report: China Leads In Installed Solar, Wind Capacity

All eyes on China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for energy

Sembcorp partners with Chongqing Energy for 1,620MW power project in China

Oversupply in Chinese modules set to aid Indian solar market

Power transmission project starts construction in north China

China wants to build a global power grid (GEI) worth $50tr

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