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Insulator series

Dry wall composite bushing


This product is a new model wall-through bushing. The internal insulation is made of newmodel insulating material amd the external insulation is made of high performance, high temperature silicon sulfide hydrocarbon.

It have fine anti-pollution and explosion proof performance.

1.It accords with the trend in development of non-oiland minaturization of the power dapartment.
2.It is satisfied with the requirment of the urban&rural electrical net rebuild of the new generation high voltage products.

Product Model Rated Voltage Rated Current(A) Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage(peak) (kv) P.F.withstand Voltage (virtual value)(kv) Bending break load(N) Permitted bending load(N)
FGCW-10/200~630 10 200~630 75 30 120 625
FGCW-35/630~1600 35 630~1600 200 80 1250 625
FGCW-66/630~1600 66 630~1600 325 147 1250 625
FGCW-110/630~1600 110 630~1600 550 230 1250 625