Vacuum Circuit Breaker Insulating Sleeve


1.Rated voltage is 12KV 
2.Material: epoxy resin 
3.As per your drawing 



The variety of insulation and sensor listed in sample all adopt epoxy vacuum pouring technology for one-time molding, kinds of insulation pull rod, bushing, contact box, insulating cylinder and bell housing etc adopt APDA technology for molding (majority).while, some product adopt SMC,DMC unsaturation alkyd enlargement mode plastic for compacting molding.All the product are applied to 3.6~40.5KV mid-large volt switchboard ,for some product and specification size owning special requirement ,it could be designed and manufactured according to user demand.


Normal Environment Condition:

1.The altitude does not exceed 1000m.

2.The ambient temperature is between -30 Degrees Celsius to +40 Degrees Celsius, The daily mean temperature is no greater than 30 Degrees Celsius. 

3.The daily mean relative temperature is no greater than 95%. The monthly mean relative temperature is no greater than 90%.

4.The installation area should be without the dangerous mediums which after the conductive properties and the insulating performance the products.

5.There should be no frequent vibration and serious jolt.


Special Environment condition:

1.The altitude of high prototype products is more than 3500m.

2.The outdoor products can ensure the medium of steam, gas, chemical corrosive deposit, salt spray, dust, dirt, and so on.

3.The environment temperature is between -35°C to +55°C. The daily mean temperature is greater than 40°C.