high voltage support insulator



1.Rated voltage is40.5KV 
2.Material: epoxy resin 
3.As per your drawing 

The variety of insulation and sensor listed in sample all adopt epoxy vacuum pouring technology for one-time molding, kinds of bushing, contact box, insulating cylinder and bell housing etc adopt APDA technology for molding (majority).while, some product adopt SMC,DMC unsaturation alkyd enlargement mode plastic for compacting molding.All the product are applied to 3.6~40.5KV mid-large volt switchboard ,for some product and specification size owning special requirement ,it could be designed and manufactured according to user demand.

1.Adopts epoxy resin automatic pressure gel craft that be APG craft manufacture. Product beautiful, Machine ,Electrical performance fit. 

2.Adopts high toughness epoxy resin manufacture , Machine capability excellent, And adopts low reaction activity recipe system , Material solidifies slow , Product body stress low. Maximum field enhances products machine capability .

3.Adds activated silica slight powder , Furthurs enhance epoxy resins machine capability ,Much ensures insulate long-term keep good electric insulate performance under wet work environment.

4.Adds organic color , Product color and lustre bright, Does not reduce products insulate performance.


 Operation Condition 

1.Altitude can’t exceed 1000m,and the altitude of plateau type can’t exceed 3000m.

2.Surrounding temperature ranges from -10°C to +40°C,and the daily average temperature.

3.Daily average value of Relative humidity can’t exceed 95%,and the monthly average.

4.There is no any dust, smoke, pollution of corrosive or flammable air, vapor and salt fog.

5.There is no any frequent vibration or bumping in installation place.

6.The product all could run in the case of dew and II feculence condition.