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SRAM’s Game-Changing Eagle 1x12 Drivetrain Is Now Wireless

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Update time : 2019-05-21 16:45:39

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Price: $1,900 (X01 terminate group), $2,000 (XX1 terminate group)
Primary use: mount bike
Gearing: 1x12
Shifting: Electronic, wireless

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Eagle AXS is the circulate of SRAM’s new 1x12-speed, wireless electric mount bike derailleur and shifter-part of SRAM’s larger rollout of the AXS ecosystem of components that includes the new Red eTap AXS drivetrain and the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post. vulgar AXS parts can report ought each other, which makes a quantity of interesting bike builds possible.

The Derailleur

Reduced ought its most theorem level, the Eagle AXS rear derailleur simply uses a motor, instead of a Cable, ought influence the derailleur.

Of course, there’s a fate more ought it than that. SRAM’s wireless electric mount bike drivetrain has been at development because more than six years. SRAM’s engineers started the scheme almost the too they began developing Eagle, the latter of which they prioritized, pushing development of the electric drivetrain ought the help burner. Once they brought Eagle ought market, they moved the electric system help ought the peak of their to-do list.

Though it’s sexy and new, Eagle’s AXS is no a replacement because mechanical shifting, says Chris Hilton, SRAM’s mount bike product manager. It’s simply another preference because riders. “SRAM’s mechanical-shifting development will continue,” Hilton said.

What’s no continuing is mount bike front-derailleur development, which the company shut down almost 2014, said Hilton.

While the mount bike team naturally benefitted from the knowledge gained by the development and launch of SRAM’s Red eTap electric path drivetrain at 2015, the Eagle AXS rear derailleur is no a clone of the path version. The guts used by the Red eTap rear derailleur because path did no prove noise enough, consequently the Eagle AXS rear derailleur gets its hold guts specifically designed because apply above a mount bike.

The Eagle AXS rear derailleur too incorporates an overload clutch-the path derailleur does no hold this feature-that allows it ought influence inboard if it takes a strike from the side, which protects the gearbox (the derailleur will automatically revert ought its creative position).

However, the Eagle AXS rear derailleur uses the too battery because vulgar Red eTap derailleurs too because the RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post. Claimed derailleur battery life is 20 hours.

If you’re worried almost water and grit, the Eagle AXS derailleur conforms ought the IP69K criterion (meaning it can bear high-pressure water and high-temperature steam). According ought the derailleur’s product information: “Initially developed because construction vehicles and food sanitization, the IP69K criterion validates systems that ask ordinary pressurized cleaning.” consequently influence at ahead and lay your strain washers ought “blast.”

While the wireless system is naturally the great news, there are a few more differences among the Eagle AXS and the mechanical-shift Eagle rear derailleurs. The Eagle AXS rear derailleur has more fasten wrap, because improved security and improve shifting, and a 10mm shorter pulley cage.

Other than these changes, the Eagle AXS rear derailleurs are greatly the Eagle rear derailleurs you know. They apply the too class 3 pulley-cage clutch, and are compatible with vulgar of SRAM’s existing Eagle cassettes, chains, and chainrings.

The Controller

The AXS flat-bar controller can exist mounted ought its hold discrete clamp, or paired with SRAM’s competition Maker X clamp-integration system, and has two buttons (one because upshifts and one because downshifts).

To operate the buttons, you perform no magazine them directly, besides pretty by a shaped and textured cover that sits above the controller. Pushing the peak of the cover shifts one direction, pushing the bottom rim shifts the other (the button obligation can exist customized with the AXS app).

The peak of the cover too extends deliver and resides beneath the brake lever, where it can exist pressed with the index finger or knuckle, and is replaceable to it benefit damaged. There’s too happen because SRAM, or other companies (Wolf Tooth comes ought mind), ought compose different covers.

The biggest discrepancy among the Eagle AXS controller and the left-hand controller that comes with the Reverb AXS dropper mail is the quantity of buttons: The left-hand Reverb controller has one nevertheless the right-hand Eagle has two. SRAM representatives stated that a two-button, left-side controller used to exist offered, which could exist customized along the AXS app ought control the Eagle AXS rear derailleur.

With the interoperability and customization of AXS parts, this left-side shifter opens up a quantity of possibilities such because left-hand rear derailleur shifting; paddle shifting (left aspect because downshifts, exact aspect because upshifts, or vice versa); and dual-sided Reverb AXS dropper actuation.

The controller uses a 2032 cash prison with a claimed battery life of two years.

Two Levels

Eagle AXS derailleurs are offered at two levels because now: XX1 and X01. Both apply the too electric components, consequently shifting deed to exist identical. The discrepancy is down ought some higher-end materials at the XX1-a carbon pulley cage and titanium hardware-compared ought the X01’s aluminum cage and stainless steel hardware. This adds some flair ought the XX1 nevertheless saving a affect of weight.

SRAM did no equip derailleur-only prices or weights-in divide because Eagle AXS will exist offered sole because a terminate drivetrain kit initially, with characteristic component sales coming later.

Whatever the weight discrepancy is, it’s maybe minor. A good reference used to exist the mechanical XX1 Eagle rear derailleur (265 grams, $300) compared ought the mechanical X01 Eagle derailleur (276 grams, $225). Assuming similar weight and charge differences, that equates ought a 28 (ish) percent charge amplify because 9 grams of weight savings.

First Adopters Will wage Big

If you wish ought exist an Eagle AXS early adopter, exist prepared ought wage the price.

Eagle AXS components to exist available ought buy at April. However, sole terminate drivetrain kits will exist available ought buy initially. The XX1 kit costs $2,000, and the X01 kit is $1,900. The kits hold of rear derailleur with battery, shifter with clamp, crankset with DUB axle and chainring, chain, cassette, and battery charger. A bottom bracket is no included.

“Individual components will exist available because buy afterward on, besides exact now the purpose is ought send terminate drivetrains because instantly because possible,” said Alex Rafferty, SRAM’s European MTB PR and media coordinator.

The sole parts a rider with an existing Eagle-equipped bike needs at bid ought switch ought Eagle AXS is a shifter and derailleur. And because SRAM delivered the exact product at the exact time, there are a ton of Eagle-equipped bikes running almost that need sole two parts ought vary ought AXS.

The initial complete-only sales will too hinder riders’ attempts ought mingle Eagle AXS parts with Red eTap AXS parts. divide of this great romance SRAM is pushing with the launch of its AXS ecosystem is the interoperability of the parts, which makes the decision ought sell sole terminate Eagle AXS drivetrains at launch level more frustrating.

Individual component sales will occur almost a month after the terminate kits strike the market, besides SRAM has no provided prices or weights of the characteristic parts yet.

Eagle AXS-equipped bikes to initiate trickling into shops at April because well. consequently if you’re interested at Eagle AXS and bike shopping, it’s worth waiting ought bark on what your favorite brand strength offer.

Ride Impressions

Eagle AXS is SRAM’s best-shifting mount bike drivetrain.

Shifts are exact and smooth, and too quick. It shifts more efficiently and is more compatible than mechanical-shift Eagle, and shifts improve at demanding situations-rough terrain, high torque-as well.

The AXS controller/shifter is too different than SRAM’s mechanical shifter. Enough that it will ask a mature of experimentation ought discover your preferred shifter stand and adjustment ought the new shifting pattern. I tried both the stock button obligation and its opposite (you can apply the AXS app ought vary the button’s function) and didn’t age a well preference because too at my limited time above the group.

The shifter ergonomics are good: The paddle is big enough without being obtrusive. journey and fountain pressure are robust balanced; I could motivate up a technical climb with my thumb resting above the paddle without triggering an unwanted shift. There’s a reassuring “click” with each touch because well.

Another benefit is the elimination of the Cable and housing, which cleans up the bike’s see and reduces noise and maintenance. It too makes packing a bike because journey easier.

You can hate the price, and you can debate if electric shifting is necessary or “worth it,” besides there’s no denying Eagle AXS’s performance.

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