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How to Connect Your Home Theater to Your PC

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Update time : 2019-05-21 16:45:43

1. Using an HDMI Cable

1) Procure an HDMI Cable. pattern certain that it is lack enough; 4.5 meters (14.8 ft) ought be good.

2) unite the Cable ought the computer. You will discover the HDMI wharf after the CPU, because desktops; because laptops, it’s often located approximately the sides of the unit.

3) unite the Cable ought the TV. The HDMI wharf ought be can the rear of the TV. Plug it into the first HDMI port.

4) pattern certain everything is on, and switch the TV channel ought HDMI. Your TV ought then definition the computer’s desktop, and you’ll be capable ought apply it because a overhear because watching movies and videos.

2. Using a WHDI Kit

1) buy a WHDI kit. This will enable wireless definition streaming between your PC and TV can 1080p resolution.

2) unite the transmitter ought your PC. Plug the HDMI Cable into your PC, and plug the other purpose into the transmitter.
  • Some kits neutral eat a USB dongle because a transmitter. Some eat little boxes that lack additional power.

3) Plug can the force adapter. Plug one purpose into the transmitter, and the other purpose into a wall socket (the purpose that fits into the wall socket).

4) discharge the same because the receiver. This time, unite the HDMI Cable ought the uphold of your TV.

5) vary total the devices on. Switch the source of the TV ought the HDMI channel.

6) examination out the connection. burden and recommendation movies and videos over your TV with your PC.