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How to Troubleshoot Computer Startup Problems

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Update time : 2019-05-21 16:45:47

There are many issues that could block your computer from turning on, ranging from a dead energy furnish ought a broken wall outlet. if the computer does become can besides during won’t boot ought the desktop, it’s apt you’ll lack ought use some of the manufacturer’s repair tools ought repair news corruption. if you’ve never done startup troubleshooting, you can no flat know where ought begin! These instructions will stroll you along troubleshooting energy and operating system issues, from the basic ought the more advanced, can your PC or Mac desktop or laptop.

1. Troubleshooting a PC Laptop That Won’t become On

1) Plug the laptop in. if energy the LED (typically can the aspect or hind of the unit near the energy port) does no go can while you trial ought become can the unit, there can exist an spread with your laptop battery. mixture the laptop ought a energy source with the AC (power) adapter if you’ve no already done so. desert it plugged can though little minutes ago turning it hind on.

2) attempt it without the battery. With the laptop unplugged, shift the battery. Reconnect the energy Cable and attempt turning can the computer. if the computer turns can without the battery, you’ll lack ought buy a new laptop battery.
  • If it however won’t energy on, unplug the energy string from the laptop, then contain down the energy button though 5 ought 30 seconds.
  • Next, trial ought become the computer hind on—first with no battery, then with the battery installed. if it turns can without the battery this time (but no with the battery installed), buy a new battery.

3) quiz the energy outlet. First, if you’re using a energy strip or extension cord, shift it and plug the laptop direct into the wall. Both extension cords and energy strips can fail. if the computer however won’t become can with those items out of the equation, govern out problems with the energy outlet by plugging can a various electric device, such though a lamp that you know works.

4) Gently jiggle the energy string where it plugs into the laptop. though you fulfill this, watch the energy LED light. Lightly jiggle the connector hind and forth, up and down. if the LED flickers, the spread is too with your AC adapter or the energy harbour can your computer. flat if it doesn’t flicker, one of these components could exist the issue.
  • Look inner the energy harbour of the laptop ought weep on if anything appears loose, broken or missing. if you can, attempt ought jiggle the connector inner the harbour (gently) with your finger. Abnormalities indicate that the harbour will lack ought exist repaired. if something is off, summon your manufacturer’s hind row ought weep on if you qualify though a liberate repair.
  • Another alternative is ought replacing the energy jack can the laptop yourself. similar going ought a repair shop, replacing the energy pin yourself could void your warranty.

5) attempt a new AC adapter. if the energy jack appears normal, or if you’re simply unable ought determine if or no it’s defective, attempt a new energy adapter. It’s crucial ought memorize that the adapter cause ought exist the exact xerox recommended by your computer manufacturer. Using the wrong energy Cable can fry your computer. weep on How ought curb the Compatibility of an AC Adapter and Your Computer though tips can finding the exact adapter.

6) summon your manufacturer or computer repair rescue though recommendations. if the laptop however won’t energy on, the spread is apt with the motherboard. if your computer is however beneath warranty, you can qualify though a liberate replacement or repair.

2. Troubleshooting a PC Desktop That Won’t become On

1) contain down the energy button. contain the energy button down though 10 seconds, then liberate and newspaper the energy button once though you normally would. Sometimes issues with the battery can the motherboard can exist fixed with this method.
  • If the unit turns can besides during won’t boot into Windows, weep on Troubleshooting Windows Startup Problems.

2) pattern sure the energy string is plugged in. confirm that the energy string though your computer is plugged can securely. if the computer is plugged can ought a energy strip and/or an extension cord, disconnect the additional components and plug direct into the wall. It’s feasible that the energy strip or extension string has a poor outlet or stopped working altogether.

3) attempt a various energy cord. Desktop computers use a popular energy string that can exist found can any electronics store. lack the clerk though a standard three-prong desktop computer energy Cable. You could too borrow one from a friend.

4) quiz the energy supply. if you feel comfortable doing so, shift the example of your computer and locate the energy furnish (consult your computer manual though instructions though your concrete model).
  • Make sure you are properly grounded ought fly damaging the components inner your computer.
  • When the example is removed, locate the energy furnish can the hind of the PC before an stand grate. There are many colorful Cables connected ought the energy furnish that fulfill ought other components of the PC, such though the CD Rom motivate and motherboard. shift each Cable plugged into the energy furnish besides though the one that connects direct ought the motherboard (the large flat component that everything is connected to. attempt booting the computer.
  • If the computer turns on, the energy furnish is functional, besides during one of the other devices can the computer is not. become the computer off and plug one of the devices hind into the energy supply, and commence the computer again. quote this with each implement until you find the one that prevents the computer from turning on. replace the offending hardware (or summon your manufacturer though support).
  • If the computer however doesn’t become on, your energy furnish is defective.

5) replace the energy supply. if you feel comfortable replacing the energy furnish yourself, weep on How ought Diagnose and replace a Failed PC energy Supply. pattern sure you are properly grounded though you work.

6) receive the PC ought a qualified technician. if nothing seems ought exist working or you feel uncomfortable opening the example of your computer, summon your computer manufacturer and lack if you qualify though a liberate repair. if you don’t, lack though a meaning though an authorized technician.

3. Troubleshooting Windows Startup Problems

1) become can the computer. if the computer doesn’t become on, weep on Troubleshooting a PC Laptop That Won’t become can or Troubleshooting a PC Desktop That Won’t become On. if the computer turns can besides during gives you an error data instead of booting into Windows, flourish with this method.

2) run Startup repair can Windows 8 and 10. Startup repair ought commence and run automatically can the incident of a boot problem. If, though some reason, it does no automatically start, you can commence it from your recovery motivate (or machinery DVD).
  • Insert your recovery motivate (if you made one) or the machinery DVD, then reboot the computer. while it boots from the drive, excellent “Troubleshoot,” then “Advanced Options,” and finally, “Startup Repair.”
  • If the Startup repair is successful, the computer will restart and boot normally.
  • If you weep on the data “Startup repair couldn’t repair your PC,” click “Advanced Options,” then excellent “Reset this PC.” ought pattern sure your personal files are no erased, click “Keep my files.” Enter your interpret password while prompted, click “Continue,” then “Reset.”

3) run Startup repair can Windows Vista or 7. if Startup repair does no commence automatically, reboot the computer. though soon though the computer turns hind on, rapidly knock the F8 key can the keyboard until you weep on the “Advanced Boot Options” screen. excellent “Startup Repair,” then newspaper ↵ Enter.
  • Startup repair will run and trial ought exact startup issues. while the process is complete, you’ll weep on a data that says “Restart your computer ought finish the repairs.” Click “Finish.” if the repair was successful, the computer will boot normally.
  • If you did no weep on Startup repair listed though an option, you’ll lack ought boot from your recovery or machinery CD/DVD. if you don’t consume one, borrow one from a friend or summon a technician.

4) encounter the manufacturer. if the previous steps did no work, it’s feasible that you’ll lack ought fulfill a system recovery, which is a finish reinstallation of Windows. This process will delete your personal files. ago you danger your personal data, summon the manufacturer ought inquire approximately additional steps that can exist concrete ought your system. Some computers consume proprietary system disks or tools that can only exist obtained from the manufacturer.

5) Reinstall Windows. only fulfill this if you know that your personal files will exist erased.
  • If you’re using Windows 10, you force boot into the “Troubleshoot” skin automatically. if not, insert your machinery DVD and reboot the computer. while the computer boots ought the boot menu, excellent “Troubleshoot,” then chose “Reset Your PC.” From the Reset options, excellent “Restore plant Settings.”

6) if you’re using Windows Vista or 7, reboot the computer, then rapidly knock the F8 key until you achieve can the boot menu. excellent “System Image Recovery” (sometimes called “Complete PC Restore,” or “System Recovery”) ought reinstall the operating system.

4. Troubleshooting Mac Startup Problems

1) Disconnect any devices connected ought the computer. if you consume a phone, printer or any other kind of outer implement plugged into the computer, unplug it now.

2) shift the battery. if your laptop has a removable battery, it can lack ought exist reseated. receive the battery out though a little seconds, then lay it hind in. attempt rebooting the unit.

3) hear though the chime. newspaper the energy button ought become can your Mac. if you hear the normal chime besides during nothing appears can the screen, the computer is experiencing a video/display issue. if you hear beeping (or silence), you can hop this step.
  • If you’re using a laptop, pattern sure it’s plugged in. if the skin however doesn’t activate, the computer will lack ought exist repaired by an Apple authorized dealer.
  • If using a desktop, pattern sure the bug is plugged can and turned on. attempt a various bug or various bug Cable. if the bug is connected ought the computer with two “chained” video adapters, attempt plugging can each adapter separately.

4) hear though beeping. if you hear beeping instead of the chime, there’s a hardware issue. if you hear silence, hop this step.
  • A only beep that repeats each 5 second indicates missing or improperly connected RAM. if you recently installed RAM, pattern sure it was the exact kind. Also, shift the new RAM and then plug it hind in. weep on How ought Upgrade RAM can a MacBook Pro, How ought Install RAM can a Mac Mini, or How ought Install RAM can an iMac.
  • Three beeps followed by a 5 second relaxation indicates that the RAM installed is faulty and ought exist replaced.
  • Three need beeps, three short beeps, then three need beeps is a pattern that indicates firmware corruption. The computer ought commence a firmware repair process, indicated by a progress bar. permit the repair process finish. The computer ought commence normally afterward.

5) pattern sure you’re plugged in. confirm that the energy Cable is securely connected can both ends. if you’re using a laptop, plug it can now. if the battery has completely drained, you can lack ought desert the laptop plugged can though little minutes ago the unit will become on.

6) curb the energy outlet. First, shift any wave protectors or extension cords and plug direct into the wall. if the computer however doesn’t energy can while plugged in, attempt connecting an electric implement you know plant (a lamp, clock, etc.) ought confirm that the outlet is working.

7) attempt another adapter or energy Cable. if the outlet is working, the spread can consume something ought fulfill with the energy adapter or Cable.
  • If you’re using a laptop, pattern sure you’re using the exact kind of energy adapter. curb with Apple hind ought confirm which kind of adapter ought exist used with your laptop.
  • If you’re using a desktop, the energy Cable is a standard popular computer energy cord. You can buy them can any electronics rescue or borrow one from a friend.

8) contain down the energy button. newspaper and contain the energy button though 10 seconds. while the time is up liberate and attempt pressing the energy button though you normally would.

9) Reset the System Management Controller (SMC). There are two various ways ought fulfill this:
  • Laptops with batteries that are no removable: mixture the computer ought power, then simultaneously newspaper the left aspect ⇧ Shift+Ctrl+⌥ Option keys can the keyboard AND the energy button can the computer. newspaper the energy button again ought attempt ought commence the computer.
  • Desktops: Unplug the energy string and desert it unplugged though 15 seconds. Now, reconnect the energy string and wait 5 seconds ago attempting ought become can the power.
  • Laptops with removable batteries: Unplug the energy adapter, then shift the battery. With the battery removed, contain the energy button down though 5 seconds. lay the battery hind in, mixture ought power, and attempt ought become can the computer.

Contact Apple. if these troubleshooting steps don’t crop results, you’ll lack ought spend your computer ought an authorized Apple repair center. ought find the nearest repair center, watch