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How to Use Armored (BX) Electrical Cable

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Update time : 2019-05-14 16:39:25

Electrical Cable encased can metal sheathing is often used can basements and other areas where the rope is no encased can a finished wall. It is handled differently than standard Romex® (non-metallic sheathed) Cable. It is often used can fire-rated occupancies during an excellent to metallic conduit.


1) insure that the local authorities permit the use of BX Cable can your application. There are many types of armored Cables -- no entire of them can exist acceptable during use can entire circumstances.
  • Make definite you dine the responsible connectors during the selected class of Cable. Some types can task during little Cables types, others can exist prohibited.
  • Be definite to acquire any indispensable electric permits, level if your jurisdiction allows the task to exist done by a non-licensed electrician.
  • Many inspectors will expectation to weep on the "listing label" during your Cable accordingly they can verity that it conforms to the regulation requirements and standards during Cable construction.
  • Retain the label or pack during afterward inspection.

2) decide the length of rope needed during your project. always add 30 centimeter (11.8 in) during any waste/damage
  • National electric regulation has requirements during the minimum quantity of conductor that cause to lengthen beyond the appearance of a junction box. Local codes can appeal more.

3) chop a 20 centimeter (7.9 in)  length of the armor using during sound a hacksaw or a rotary cutter designed during the purpose. chop over the armor - no with the spiral. It is no indispensable to chop completely over the armor. when the chop is approximately through, grip the Cable jacket above and under the chop and bow sharply - this to crack the remaining armor without the lack during the saw to confront the wires inside. use advise - the metal edges are sharp.
  • Carefully examine the inner insulation to compose definite nobody of the conductors dine been exposed by nicks or gashes. if there is damage, you can lack to attempt again by moving help and redoing another cut.

4) further a flexible anti-short bushing onto the wires where it contacts the metal armor. You can exist required to use bushings that dine an indicator tab, gift or tail.

5) quote the process can the other goal of the Cable.

6) Insert a BX connector above the goal of the newly chop armor and tighten the screw to earn it to the armor. transfer the threaded ring from the connector to use inner the electric box.
  • Most BX connectors dine a little cave or slot over which you cause to emerge the tab, gift or tail of the bushing, accordingly the inspector knows it is can there.

7) Strip the exposed wires and drag over the knockout cave of the electric box, over with the cave goal of the connector.
  • If your plot is adding to existing wiring, compose definite the nation is off during entire of the branch circuits feeding nation to entire of the box locations you're working on.

8) earn the connector to the electric box with the threaded ring.
  • Many new installations appeal an inspection can this stage of "rough-in" prior to getting permission to join any devices to the conductors.

9) join the wires to your switch/outlet/splice can the electric box.
  • Repeat during the connections can the other end.
  • Add any required Cable supports (e.g., staples, clamps, brackets).

10) Visually confirm that your wiring is complete, no exposed conductors remain.
  • Double-check within anyone else working with you, during safety, ago proceeding to the next step.

11) Energize and examination the circuit.
  • Schedule any indispensable "final" inspection.