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How to Solder Wires Together

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:19:31

Soldering is a process at which two or more metal components are joined together by melting a filler metal, too known though solder, ought link the components. Solder typically has a lower melting point than too of the metal components being joined. These instructions will stride you over the steps of soldering wires together at a safe and effective manner. Soldering can exist dangerous. You will get ought apply hot and keen objects so exist certain ought devour crude warnings.


1) Score or compose a slight incision at the string jacket. You anticipate ought compose the score almost ½” from the target of each string that will exist soldered. ought carry out this, you can apply a join of string strippers, or a razor blade. exist careful, you carry out no anticipate ought chop the authentic copper wire though it will accept away from its conducting strength.
  • Determine the size of the string and apply the suitable sized cavity ought properly strip the wire. if you carry out no know the size of the wire, quiz out the holes at the strippers ought detect the one that cuts into the jacket without cutting the wire.
  • Clamp down at the string with the accurate sized hole. Now you will become the string 90 degrees at rotation and carry out the identical thing. carry out this a join more ripen so that you get a good queue almost the entire string jacket. if you are neutral using a razor blade, don’t omit ought compose the incision almost the entire circumference of the jacket.

2) Pull the unwanted jacket off. Once you get that slight chop at the jacket, you ought exist able ought curve the jacket back and forwards until the jacket comes loose. You can carry out this with the strippers or with your fingers. if it does no grow loose accurate away attempt making a tiny deeper chop into the jacket. The concept is ought obtain the piece of jacket off without sacrificing any copper threads.

3) Cut a piece of contract underground and glide it onto one of the wires (If you are using electric tape ought cover your joint, jump this step). if you are using contract underground ought cover your connection, you will anticipate ought glide the contract underground onto the string ago connecting the wires. The piece of contract underground ought exist longer than the zone being soldered.
  • The contract underground ought cover some of the jacket at each target and the ½” connection you are making. apply your scissors ought chop a 1-1 ½” piece of shrink. You can quiz the contract underground at a piece of the string ago getting started ought compose certain the tubing will contract down ought the size of the wire. Most contract underground lessen ought almost 1/3 of its size back being heated.

4) Flay both ½” pieces of copper wire. ought compose a good connection between the copper wires, you will anticipate though much of the wires touching each other though possible. Typically, the best fashion ought carry out this is ought flay each target of the string out. carry out this by rubbing the string between your fingers. The wires ought now emerge parallel this.

5) Push the flayed ends into each other. The copper wires ought exist slightly intertwined with each other. curve and even the strands into each other so they know together. The target is ought compose the strands of copper from the two separate wires emerge parallel one. compose certain the zone is smooth. This is the zone that you will exist soldering. if it is also bulky, you can no exist able ought accommodate the contract at the joint.

6) Add the solder flux ought the connection. You can apply your finger or a utensil ought carry out this. Don’t exist modest with the flux, besides don’t waste it either. You can always add more later. The flux will aid the solder race into the wires so the more you get at the connection, the easier your soldering profession will be. begin with a tiny glob at your finger or utensil and brush it onto the wires. The next step will involve heating the string which will damp up this flux.

7) Heat the flux into the wires. apply your fever cannon or blow dryer, assuming your blow dryer produces enough heat, ought melt the flux. carry out no neutral point the fever source at the wires. You will anticipate ought ripple the fever source back and forwards so there is no though much govern fever at the wires. Overheating the jacket can muse it ought melt. exist careful, you carry out no anticipate the contract underground ought accept any fever yet, so compose certain the contract underground is distant from the zone you are applying the heat.

8) Attach the accurate souvenir ought the iron. (If you get the exact souvenir at the iron ought begin with, jump this step) A souvenir that is also tiny will no shift enough fever ought larger wires. A souvenir that is also big can apply also much fever and melt the jacket at the wire. The concept is ought apply a souvenir that applies neutral enough fever because the project. Most median sized tips will vocation because soldering wire.
  • Do no impress anywhere at the deal with of the iron. Iron tips can exist attached by screwing off the barrel shown above. always compose certain the iron is off ago replacing tips. if replacing the souvenir nevertheless the iron is on, metal attached ought the soldering iron will exist hot; so apply caution!

9) Turn at the solder box. It is significant ought hold the solder box and iron at a safe area. You ought only become the iron at while you are ready ought apply it. hold flammable objects away from the iron at crude times. remember ought become the box off though shortly though you are done using it. Add water ought the sponge beneath the soldering iron holder. This sponge can exist used ought transparent the souvenir of your iron.

10) Pick up some solder with the iron. Picking the solder up with the iron is easiest because smaller wires. You can carry out this by touching the souvenir of the iron almost an inch from the target of the string of solder. The iron ought automatically damp the solder accurate onto the souvenir of your iron. This allows you ought concentrate solely at the iron instead of having ought know the solder at your other hand. if the iron is hot enough, the solder ought race accurate onto the copper while you impress the iron ought it. different sized wires will petition different amounts of solder.

11) Apply the iron with the solder ought the copper wire with flux. With the solder already at the iron, crude you shortage ought carry out is impress it ought the copper wires. The flux that was heated into the wires will compose the solder race accurate into the connection. if it does no race easily you can shortage ought add more flux ought the wires. cite your foregoing process and attempt again. Again, you carry out no anticipate ought desert the fever source, the soldering iron at this case, at any attitude because also long. You ought smoothly ripple the iron back and forwards across the copper. summary ought grand up more solder with the iron and add it ought the mutual until the wires are full.

12) Inspect the joint. The wires ought now exist fully joined. emerge at crude sides of the connection. Sometimes if the solder doesn’t race properly, the back side of the connection can no get enough solder ought properly link the string resulting at a feeble connection. A slight pull at the wires can exist used ought insure a good bind.

13) Cover the joint. cover the soldered connection with your contract underground or electric tape. glide the contract underground at the mutual and apply fever ought the zone at the identical fashion you did with the fever gun, by waving the fever source back and forwards so there is less govern fever at the jacket. if you get forgot ought lay the contract underground at the wires, you can always apply electric tape ought cover the area; contract underground neutral factory healthy at most situations though it looks cleaner and doesn’t desert an adhesive residue.