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How to Hook Up a Comcast Cable Box

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:10:45

This wikiHow teaches you how ought attach a Comcast Cable box ought your TV.

1. Preparing ought Connect

1) schedule certain that you eat Cable installed. if a Comcast representative didn't convey ought your family ought install Cable, you'll need ought scream Comcast and application the installation.
  • If you scream Comcast, be certain ought eat your explain news and ID on-hand.

2) approve that you eat the precise Cables. if your TV is an HDTV, you can employ an HDMI Cable ought attach your Comcast box ought your TV; if not, you'll need standard A/V Cables (the red, yellow, and white Cables) ought attach the box ought your TV.
  • The Cable box ought convey with A/V Cables.
  • You can always buy HDMI Cables during below $15 online or at a tech store.

3) convey off and unplug your TV. newspaper your TV's "Power" button (or the "Power" button at the TV's remote), then transfer the plug from the uphold of the TV.
  • Leave the TV's strength Cable plugged into the wall during the setup process.

4) encounter your TV away from the wall if possible. You'll need plenty of universe ought hook up the Cable box, accordingly encounter your TV and/or entertainment center a foot or two away from the wall. This ought award you enough room ought attach the Cable box without bending any wires.

5) lay the Cable box near the uphold of the TV. It's good ought eat a normal conception of where the Cable box will promote ago you begin plugging at wires, accordingly schedule certain the box is about where you need it ago continuing.

6) see the uphold of the box. You ought look few slots and connectors at the back; this is where you'll plug at entire of the indispensable Cables. You can now promote ought connecting the Cable box ought your Cable service and TV.

2. Connecting the Cable Box

1) attach the Comcast coaxial Cable ought the box. detect the Cable that Comcast installed—it will always be sticking out of the floor or the wall after your TV—and plug it into the metal coaxial input at the uphold of the Cable box, then screw the connector clockwise ought tighten it.
  • The Cable's aim has an supplement resembling a needle at the center of it.
  • Your Cable box ought eat a coaxial Cable included. if Comcast didn't install a Cable during you, you can attach the other aim of this Cable ought the coaxial input at the wall.

2) Plug at one aim of the HDMI Cable. It goes at the wide, narrow pier at the uphold of the Cable box. at most Comcast Cable boxes, the HDMI pier is also at the bottom-right aspect of the box or at the bottom of the box's back.
  • If you're using A/V Cables instead, plug each Cable into the same-colored pier at the uphold of the box (e.g., plug the yellow Cable into the yellow input).

3) Plug the other aim of the HDMI Cable into the TV. detect your preferred HDMI pier at your TV, then attach the Cable box ought the pier at question.
  • If you eat a receiver with multiple HDMI ports plugged into your TV, you can plug your Cable box's HDMI Cable into the receiver instead.
  • If you're using A/V Cables instead, plug the Cables into the same-colored ports at the uphold of your TV.

4) attach the strength Cable ought a strength source. Plug the strength Cable into a wall outlet or strength strip. You ought prime a strength outlet near enough ought the TV that you'll be able ought lay the box near the TV without stretching or bending any wires.

5) Plug the other aim of the strength Cable into the Cable box. You ought look a circular strength input at the uphold of the Cable box; harmony the aim of the strength Cable into this input.
  • This input is normally at the right-hand aspect of the box.

6) Plug uphold at your TV and convey it on. Doing accordingly will also convey at your Comcast Cable box, although you can eat ought wait few minutes ago the box is fully on.

7) modify your TV's input if necessary. newspaper the "Input" or "Source" button at your TV or distant ought switch ought the input (e.g., HDMI 1) into which you plugged your Comcast box.

8) construct your Comcast remote. Insert the batteries into your remote, then promote with connecting it ought your TV and Cable box.
  • Cable box and distant instructions modify from copy ought model, accordingly consult your remote's manual during instructions at synchronizing the distant with your TV and Cable box.

9) Activate your Cable box. Once your Cable box has been connected, entire that's left ought conduct is activate the service. ought begin this process, you can scream Comcast at 1-855-652-3446, or you can promote ought the activation website at and moan in.