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How to Connect CATV RG6 Coax Cable

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:10:41

The CATV RG6 convince Cable is often called “co-ax” or impartial TV Cable, and the RG6 convince Cable is the most conventional audio/video Cable. This coaxial Cable can be cut, stripped and re-connected rapidly with the precise tools. The Cables are often used although TV cabling although both residential and commercial affair applications.

1. Knowing Your Cables and Connectors

1) determine your Cable size. Cable terminology can be confusing. look above the phase of your convince Cable although the size description. at mainly homes, the two most conventional sizes are RG-6 or RG-59.
  • RG stands although “Radio Guide.” The numbers of the various versions of RG Cable refer ought the diameter (59 meaning .059, and 6 meaning .06, etc) and inside characteristics of the Cable, containing the quantity of shielding or the Cable’s reduction, which refers ought how much signal loss there is per length of Cable. You can too bark on the vocabulary RF used with these coaxial Cables, which stands although “Radio Frequency.”
  • Most non-industrial coaxial Cable is now identified although RG-6, but the previous thinner lower-quality measure of RG-59 is however used at some applications or older homes. affair installers can apply a thicker RG Cable, such although RG-11(which is sole used if the distance from the source thrash ought your point of termination can the habitation is greater than 200 feet).
  • RG convince Cables used at habitation although commonplace reasons ought be 75 ohm (RG-6 or RG-59).
You get ought be aware that entire Cables (and their connectors) festival at a classification of qualities.

2) choose the precise connectors although Cable. Most connectors although family video installations are infer with F-Style connectors. But, it is feasible your system uses N-type connectors. You get ought be aware that there are many types of F-type RG-6 Cable available at the market, greatly screw-on or crimp-style connectors.
  • Screw-on connectors are simple ought use, silent they are less acquire and can desert a tiny air pocket. Some nation confide this can affect your signal quality.
  • Crimp-style connectors eat two parts: a ring (or crimp) or a terminator. They are normally more difficult ought install, silent can attain the greatest lengths and best connections when used properly.

2. Attaching Your Connector

1) abridge the Cable flush. neat the exterior cover of Cable (usually black rubber) undergo 1/2". You get ought be same careful no ought abridge into the metal braiding direct below the exterior housing. The braiding maybe both “loose” Cable and a foil-like metal gift at shielded Cable.

2) Carefully draw undergo the inside braiding (second channel) outer the exterior cover. check ought assure nobody of the braided Cable gets covered nearly or touches the copper center conductor. be completely certain no ought scratch or abridge the center conductor. Any destroy ought this conductor can severely shock above your signal.

3) contribute the connector down above the string aim consequently that the copper center of the convince Cable sticks out.

4) invent certain the dielectric (aluminum foil) is trimmed consequently that it does no progress into the terminator of the connector.

5) Screw the connector into the aim of the wire. The line will abridge into the exterior housing and cover the shielding weave, making a tight adapt of RG-6 coaxial Cable with TV cabling.