CPD Hot Line Clamp - High Conductivity Aluminum Alloy

The CPD Hot Line Clamp by N.I.U Electric is designed for optimal performance and reliability. Made from high conductivity aluminum alloy, it is compatible with various aluminum conductors, ensuring secure and vibration-resistant connections.

CPD Hot Line Clamp - Reliable and Durable

The CPD Hot Line Clamp is an essential component for secure electrical connections. Manufactured using high conductivity aluminum alloy, it offers exceptional performance and durability in various applications.

High Conductivity Aluminum Alloy

This clamp is crafted from top-grade aluminum alloy, ensuring excellent conductivity and compatibility with any aluminum or aluminum-covered conductor. The material's high conductivity minimizes energy loss and enhances efficiency.

Vibration-Resistant Design

The CPD Hot Line Clamp features an enclosed compression spring on the eye screw thread, providing vibration-resistant connections. This design ensures long-lasting stability and reduces the risk of connection failures due to vibrations.

Specifications and Applications

Available in various sizes, the CPD Hot Line Clamp caters to different wire sections:

  • CPD-A: Main wire section 16-35 mm², Branch wire section 12 mm²
  • CPD-B: Main wire section 25-50 mm², Branch wire section 18 mm²

Its versatile design makes it suitable for a wide range of electrical applications, from residential wiring to industrial installations.

Why Choose N.I.U Electric's CPD Hot Line Clamp?

With a commitment to quality and innovation, N.I.U Electric provides reliable and efficient solutions for your electrical needs. Our CPD Hot Line Clamp ensures secure connections, enhanced conductivity, and long-lasting performance.

Order Now for Superior Quality

Enhance your electrical installations with the high-quality CPD Hot Line Clamp from N.I.U Electric. Order now and experience the benefits of superior conductivity and vibration-resistant connections.


CPD Hot Line Clamps are cast with high conductivity aluminum alloy compatible with any aluminum or aluminum covered conductor. An enclosed compression spring on the eye screw thread in the clamp run provides vibration resistant connections.


Item No.

Main wire section

Branch wire section








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