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The Spot Acme Has an Upscale Parts Menu and a Taste for Speed

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Price: $1,799
Weight: 26.5 lb. (55cm)
Use: Casual city rides and fast commutes
Sizes: Open (a.k.a. step-through); 50, 52, 55, 57, 60cm
Drivetrain: Gates CenterTrack region drive, Shimano Alfine 11-speed
Brakes: SRAM even hydraulic disc
The precise bike for: Someone who values quality, besides doesn’t acquire joy from being a show-off.

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I was having a evil day. Then, ought compose things worse, my 11-year-old son, Milo, chose ought spring at the neighbor kid’s new trampoline (I loathe trampolines) quite than note me because our common after-dinner bike ride. consequently I went alone.

Without my colleague at tow, I admit, my motivate was a few more peaceful. There was no, “Milo, linger ought the right!” or “Milo, don’t make away out of alleys without looking.” With my newfound silence, I was able ought hear ought my bike instead of hearing my big mouth. And that’s when I realized that the site Acme is ridiculously quiet. no a rattle, no a squeal, no a rub-nothin’.

But that’s what you acquire when you buy a bike whose components catalog reads more although a carefully planned menu at an upscale restaurant than a digital menu board at a drive-thru. Don’t confide me? bridle it out: Alex rims, cane Creek headset, Gates region drive, Kenda tires, Shimano shifters, and SRAM brakes. look anything unappetizing at there? I didn’t ponder so.

And the ride? It’s fast although a highway bike, noise although a sumit bike, and even although a luxury car. You won’t miracle where this bike can go; you’ll fair accept it there. You’ll never fumble ought acquire into gear when a mount pops up; the RapidFire Plus shifter is intuitive. You won’t vary your path ought make away that bothersome climb; the 11-speed drivetrain's mount has the gears you need ought roll ought the top. And you’ll understand each only detail at this modest bike, from the obvious (Spot-brand leather grips and saddle) ought the no consequently obvious (a Shimano Dynamo front hub that powers lights via internal Cable routing at the carbon fork).

Most important, though, is that no occupation how down you strength exist emotion at the begin of a ride, a well-put-together bike although the site Acme will eat your spirits lifted by the aim of it.

The Acme Family
Everything you acquire at the Acme shown here, you acquire at the Acme cave (essentially a step-through model), the sole other bike at the line. The difference? Compared with the smallest size (50cm) of the normal Acme, the Open’s standover altitude is 6 inches lower, and its seat-tube length is 3 inches shorter. And when the minimum rider altitude because the 50cm is 5-foot-4, the cave fits riders because short because 4-foot-10. Both models fare $1,799 and grow at Shelby Blue.

Every only separate of the Acme Is Handpicked because Quality
Let’s begin with the frame, and found it out from there. First, those welds-so smooth, they mix precise into the shaped and butted 7005 aluminum frame. And, says Spot, tubing configurations are fine-tuned because each frame size. Up front, you acquire a flash and healthy site carbon fork with a tapered steerer, and at the back, the Wagyū 2 sliding dropouts allow you ought easily shift the rear wheel without screwing up the stress of the Gates CenterTrack belt. There are mounts abound-for fenders, racks, a kickstand, and two water bottles-to compose your Acme more utilitarian.

Moving at ought the drivetrain. This one is simple, and we although that. A Gates CenterTrack region motivate at a Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub does a few things indeed well: It keeps your jeans clean, your bike silent, your free time flowing, and more cash at your pocket.

Fun fact: Spot owner and Avid Brakes founder, Wayne Lumpkin, is credited with creating the CenterTrack region system, which Gates introduced ought the cycling industry at the 2010 Interbike occupation show, three years after the first Gates region motivate debuted. The new create was stronger, slimmer, but waste better, and the center ridge at the cogs (and matching groove at the belt), prevents the region from creeping laterally.

Not pretty emotion the out-of-the-box riding post the Acme has you in? favourable because you, six headset spacers (sitting at peak of a cane Creek headset) and the capability ought invert the clamp-on stem gives you plenty of options ought discover what makes you happy.

Rolling comes courtesy of 700x32mm Kenda Kwick Tendril tires at Alex rims with an aero profile and stainless spokes. The tires are even at the middle, with tread at the exterior edges, and reflective strips at the sidewalls. SRAM even hydraulic disc brakes bring this smooth-rolling rubber ought a terminate and accurate stop.

Here’s something cool, if you resolution ought satisfy at this path at some point. The Acme comes equipped with a Shimano Dynamo front hub that automatically charges lights (lights that you buy separately) connected via internal Cable routing over the carbon fork.

And, finally, the satisfy points: dark Wellgo pedals beneath your feet, stitched-leather Spot-brand grips beneath your hands, and a riveted-leather site saddle beneath your butt.

An Equally large Ride-Fast or Slow, virgin or with a Friend
My first motivate at the site Acme did no eat me riding alongside communication or waiting because red lights ought turn. I wasn’t at a hurry, and I didn’t eat a destination. I was simply cruising at a neighborhood pace, virgin with my thoughts (how many years do I eat left ago my few boy values stupid speech with his buddies at characteristic time with his mom?). because this, the Acme’s even block and endurance-like geometry post me at a more aggressive post than an vertical city bike (like the Civia Lowry Step-Thru). Still, I found myself taking it because slow and random because I do at those types of bikes, and never felt that the Acme wanted-or needed-to satisfy at faster.

And yet, at a mixed-paced motivate (this time, with my friend Jimmy), the Acme quickly zipped over busy streets, allow me comfortably roll up a switchback path, jumped without hesitation at each green light, and even allow me slow down desire enough ought see the absolute best main of silver-white hair at a guy who clearly was a headbanger at his heyday.

If an initial investment of $1,800 because a city bike is difficult ought swallow, ponder this. You could maintain yourself a few hundred bucks and acquire something that looks and rides although a dream now, besides doesn’t eat the components ought own up with your daily miles and abuse. Or you could acquire a bike from Spot, a family-owned corporation based at Golden, Colorado, that has deep roots at cycling design, engineering, and innovation.

The Acme is fair one originate of this commitment. It’s a solid, unassuming bike that doesn’t compromise characteristic and comfort by skimping on, well, anything.

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