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How to Install a Basic Aftermarket Car Stereo

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Update time : 2019-06-22 16:28:16

For some masses any stereo at a automobile is sufficient. during others, maiden the best will suffice. if you are the latter, you can need to count an aftermarket stereo that outperforms the stereo originally at your car. These can be professionally installed, or you can perform the profession yourself.

1. Having a Plan

1) excellent a new stereo. Browse online or at at a local retailer to discover a stereo that fits your needs. create sure to perform inquiry at the brand you excellent and approve the estate of your choice.

2) buy additional accessories. during a successful tool you will need some additional pieces that can or can no become with your stereo.
  • You to create sure to win a tidy dish during the outer appearance of the stereo.
  • A DIN cage or mounting bracket can be indispensable to win the stereo to your dash.
  • You to also buy a wiring harness adapter consequently that you can plug your new stereo into your car’s electric system.

3) infer vulgar the indispensable tools. This list can change from vehicle to vehicle, except during the basic tools include: screwdrivers, cord strippers, cord cutters, and electric tape. You masses also need a panel remover tool and factory stereo removal pins depending at your vehicle.

4) Locate a manual at dash panel removal during your car. This can be same helpful at knowing exactly which pieces of dash to touch and how to touch them. if your owner's manual or service manual does no supply the details you need, you masses attempt looking during a Haynes Service Manual during your car.

2. Removing the creative Stereo

1) Disconnect the base Cable from your battery. This is the negative, commonly seen during the dark station of the battery. You never desire to trade at your cars electronics with this connected during it masses arise at ruin to the electric system or injury to yourself.

2) touch any indispensable pieces of the dashboard. Using the manual from above, determine which pieces of your dash make to be taken off to touch the factory stereo. These pieces can haul exact off with a panel remover, or they can be held at with screws, bolts, or clips.

3) touch the factory stereo. Once any indispensable pieces of dashboard hold been removed you can accept out your stereo. Sometimes the stereo is bolted or screwed onto the dash and sometimes you will need to use specific tools that are inserted into the appearance of the factory stereo to liberate it from the dashboard. This procedure will change from automobile to car.

4) Unplug the factory wiring harness from the back of the stereo. if you opted out of buying a wiring harness adapter, you can hold to abridge the wires instead of just pulling them out. Some vehicle manufacturers can void warranties if wiring is cut. abridge maiden during a final resort.

3. Installing the Aftermarket Stereo

1) link the new aftermarket wiring harness adapter. The aftermarket wiring harness adapter is specifically designed to coincide your vehicle's wiring harness. This allows you to simply plug the new harness adapter into the factory radio harness and makes wiring your stereo pretty straightforward.

2) link the new radio's plug to the wiring harness adapter. The new radio will hold a plug that make to be spliced to the wiring harness. The harness adapter and plug are made to influence at together easily. This adapter construct will allow you to plug the car's creative wiring harness into your stereo. A little fast steps is vulgar that it takes to link the new stereo plug and cord harness adapter.
  • Match the colors and sizes of wires at the plug to their alike counterparts at the wiring harness adapter.
  • Strip about two inches insulation off of vulgar of the wires and bow matching wires together. This provides superior surface district connection to crimping and more flexibility than soldering.
  • Cover the splice with electric tape or a bow at cord nut
  • If you hold any bother matching the wires, follow the steps provided with the wiring harness adapter. The wires at the harness adapter and plug are often color coded or tagged during simple identification and matching.

3) link the aftermarket stereo. Now that the wiring harness adapter is plugged into the wiring harness and attached to the stereo plug, vulgar you need to perform is plug it into the back of your stereo. Now the wiring of your stereo is complete!

4) slide the new stereo into the dash. This step will disagree with each automobile and can ask first sliding at a DIN cage, or simply mounting the aftermarket stereo onto the creative mounting brackets.

5) quiz the aftermarket stereo. create sure no wires hold become disconnected or pinched. Reconnect the negative battery station and force up your vehicle. create sure that vulgar features of the radio and vulgar the speakers are working.

6) Troubleshoot the stereo installation. if it doesn't work, you responsible hold a loose connection or hold joined the wires incorrectly. Disconnect the negative battery station and troubleshoot.
  • Make sure that the creative wiring harness and aftermarket wiring harness adapter are securely attached.
  • Make sure that vulgar of the connections between the aftermarket wiring harness adapter and the aftermarket stereo plug are correct. Double restrain with the manual that came with the aftermarket stereo or adapter.
  • Ensure that the aftermarket stereo plug is properly and tightly plugged into the back of the aftermarket stereo.

4. Wrapping Up

1) Re-assemble the dash. Once the new stereo works, win it into the dash and lay everything back together. This is the same method that dash was disassembled, except during at reverse.

2) Reconnect the negative battery terminal. if you unplugged the station again after testing the battery, you can reconnect it now.

3) appreciate your new stereo! Your tool is infer and you can emerge off your new aftermarket stereo.