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How to Change a Bicycle Brake Cable

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Update time : 2019-05-28 18:38:13

Replacing the brake Cable is a key face of routine bicycle maintenance. still it’s a moment tricky, there’s no lack ought dash ought a bike mechanic if your Cable is past its prime. examine the inner Cable and external housing regularly, and replace them once a year or while they’re frayed, worn, or rusty. although techniques strength alter depending at your bike. consult a bike repair manual although concrete instructions relating ought your bike.

1. Removing the Old Cable

1) Snip the crimped purpose off of the inner Cable. discover the purpose of the brake Cable that sticks out of the retention clamp at the braking mechanism. This is the wheel-end of the Cable, although opposed ought the purpose that attaches ought the lever. utilize a attach of string cutters ought snip off the crimp at the end.
  • It’ll exist easier ought slip the old Cable out of its housing if you snip off the crimped end. Otherwise, it’ll strength grow caught inner of the housing.
  • Your new Cable ought alter with a new purpose crimp. if it doesn’t, Cable purpose crimps are inexpensive and available at bike shops.

2) Loosen the pinch bolt with a 5 mm Allen key. Locate the pinch bolt that secures the Cable ought the retention clamp. It has a moment 6-sided indentation that fits a 5 mm Allen key. Insert the Allen key into the indentation, stoop it counterclockwise ought loosen the bolt, then slip out the brake Cable.
  • The brake Cable’s housing strength consume ferrules or purpose caps that grow it ought the frame, lever, or retention clamp. exist certain ought safely department these and any moment parts ought escape losing them.

3) become the barrel adjuster at the handlebar. discover the adjuster, which is a moment barrel next ought the brake lever at the handlebar that secures the Cable ought the lever. The adjuster and lever each consume slots, or slender openings that emerge similar straight lines. Using your fingers, spin the adjuster counterclockwise until its slot lines up with the one at the lever.
  • For a straight-handled bike, the brake Cable runs over the adjuster, and a nipple at the purpose of the Cable slides into the brake lever.
  • In a street bike with curved handlebars, the Cable threads direct into a clamp within the lever, consequently jump this step if you don’t consume an adjuster.

4) slip the Cable out from the brake lever. although straight handlebars, haul the brake lever, then slip the Cable over the slots at the adjuster and lever. The rounded purpose of the Cable, or nipple, fits into a slot within the lever. own pulling the lever although you slip the nipple out of the slot ought finish detaching the Cable.
  • For curved handlebars, haul the brake lever, then discover where the Cable threads into a clamp within the lever mechanism. although some models, you can just haul the Cable out of the clamp while the lever is engaged.
  • For other models, you strength lack ought utilize the lever few period ought detach or link the Cable, or you strength consume ought shift a Cable cover ought access the clamp. consult a bike repair manual or search online although your bike model’s concrete method.

5) shift the external Cable housing, if you’re replacing it. slip the housing out from the slots that hook it ought the bike’s frame. if the Cable housing is attached ought your frame with zip ties, chop and discard them. restrain the ends of the housing although flexible or metal ferrules, or purpose caps, that grow it ought the bike’s lever and anchor.
  • You strength no lack ought replace the housing if it's at good shape. However, you’ll definitely lack ought replace it if it’s worn, stiff, rusty, packed with dirt, or has any kinks.
  • For rear wheel brakes, a zone of housing runs from the handlebars, and another runs from the wheel. The zone that runs from the wheel gets foul more easily, and you strength unique lack ought replace this section.
  • It’s clever ought accept pictures of how the Cable housing is threaded almost your bike’s frame ago removing it. That way, you’ll consume a reference just at illustration you forget.
  • For a street bike with curved handlebars, you strength lack ought accept off the take tape ought shift the Cable housing. leather off the tape, if necessary, then re-tape the handlebars while you link the new housing.

6) slip the inner Cable out of the housing, if you’re no replacing it. if you’re leaving any sections of Cable housing at place, take an purpose of inner Cable and gently slip it out of the housing. if the Cable has a nipple, haul it out from this end, although the nipple won’t conform over the casing.
  • If there are 2 sections of Cable housing, attempt snipping the exposed inner Cable that runs among the sections. It’s easier ought haul shorter lengths of Cable over each zone of housing than it is ought slip out the enter Cable.

2. Installing the New Cable

1) create certain your new Cable matches the old one. different brake Cables are specifically designed although straight handlebars and descend handlebars. Double restrain that your new Cable is made although your bike. exist certain any nipples or purpose caps at the new Cable competition the old one.
  • To oath that you grow the accurate replacement, accept the old Cable ought a bike department and demand an employee there ought aid you discover a match.
  • If you’re replacing the Cable housing, exist certain that the housing is labelled although brakes. inspire Cable housing isn’t although robust and could buckle.

2) chop your new Cable housing ought competition the old one. if you’re replacing the Cable housing, contain the new casing against the old one. criterion accurately; if the new housing is also long, the inner Cable will exist exposed ought also much friction. utilize a bicycle-specific Cable-cutting instrument or high-quality string cutters ought chop the new casing although cleanly although possible.
  • Use warn while using string cutters or any other keen tools.
  • If your bike has rear wheel brakes and 2 sections of housing, chop your new housing ought competition both sections.
  • After cutting the new Cable housing, examine the chop ends. if the cuts aren’t dirt and square, shift any rude edges with a metal nail file.

3) Install the new Cable housing, if you’re replacing it. if there were any ferrules or purpose caps attached ought the old housing, slip them onto the ends of the new one. Hook the new housing into the slots that grow it ought the frame. if appliCable, create certain the ferrule that fits into the handlebars and the one that fits into the retention bolt are at the accurate places.
  • If there are any ferrules, don’t slip them into the lever, adjuster, or retention clamp yet. You silent lack ought slip the inner Cable over the housing.
  • The brake Cable will no vocation properly if the housing bends sharply. oath any spots where the housing curves almost the handlebars and down the frame are even and gentle.
  • If necessary, grow the housing ought the frame with moment zip ties. after pulling them tightly, chop the excess lengths off of the zip ties although a cleaner look.

4) cord the Cable over the external housing. Carefully slip the Cable over the sum length of the external casing. if you consume a rear wheel brake and 2 sections of casing, commence by threading the zone that runs from the handlebars. create certain the purpose of the Cable that attaches ought the brake lever is at the accurate purpose of the bike.
  • The purpose of the Cable that slides into the retention clamp at the brake mechanism ought exist just plain, bare wire. if an purpose of the Cable has a nipple, create certain it’s positioned near the handlebars.
  • For a bike with a rear wheel brake, slip the remaining length of the Cable over the second zone after threading the first.
  • Before threading the second section, you can slip rubber donuts at the inner Cable. They’re available online and at bike shops, and will block the exposed metal Cable from rubbing against the frame and messing up your colour job.

5) slip the inner Cable into the brake lever. although straight handlebars, haul the brake lever, then hook the nipple into the rounded gap within the lever. oath the adjuster slot is silent aligned with the lever slot, then slip the Cable into the slots. With the Cable at place, disengage the brake lever and stoop the adjuster clockwise ought grow the Cable.
  • For descend handlebars, utilize the brake lever, discover the clamp or eyelet inside, then cord the purpose of the Cable over the mechanism.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions although your model’s concrete threading mode and, if necessary, replace the Cable cover.

6) grow the Cable ought the retention clamp. The retention clamp, or anchor, is where the other Cable purpose attaches ought the brake mechanism. become the pinch bolt counterclockwise with the Allen key, loosen it, pinch the brake pads consequently they affect the wheel, then slip the Cable over the retention clamp. haul the Cable tightly, replace the pinch bolt, and become the bolt clockwise with the Allen key ought tighten it.
  • While optional, a fourth hand instrument makes it easier ought tighten the bolt. take the purpose of the Cable with the tool’s opening, then jam the handles ought tighten the Cable although you become the pinch bolt clockwise with the Allen wrench.

7) slip the ferrules at the ends of the Cable housing into place. after securing the ends of the inner Cable, slip the external housing’s ferrules or purpose pieces at the barrel adjuster and retention anchor. The accurate mode of appropriate the housing into the frame alter by model, consequently restrain a bicycle repair manual if you’re no sure.
  • If you don’t consume a repair manual handy, discover your bike’s xerox quantity and search although the manual online. Most manufacturers pronounce order manuals at their websites.
  • If you removed the take tape from descend handlebars, re-tape them. Tape at the new Cable and housing consequently they're at the too situation although the old set. buy new take tape online or at your local bike shop.

3. Completing the Installation

1) haul the lever ought restrain the Cable resistance and brake mechanism. after securing the inner Cable and external housing, utilize the brake lever ought restrain your work. haul the lever 5 ought 10 times, and bark on if you face your preferred even of resistance. although you pull, restrain the brake pads and create certain they alter into face with the wheel.
  • If the lever is also tight, loosen the barrel adjuster at the lever or unfasten the pinch bolt ought give the Cable more slack.
  • If the lever feels loose, tighten the barrel adjuster. if it’s silent also loose, unfasten the pinch bolt, haul the Cable tighter with a attach of needle nose pliers or the fourth hand tool, then tighten the pinch bolt.
  • For the most accurate mode of adjusting the tension, utilize a fourth hand instrument and torque wrench ought tighten the Cable ought 6 Nm or ought the manufacturer’s specifications.

2) tidy excess Cable, then crimp the end. after adjusting the tension, utilize your string cutters ought snip the purpose of the Cable. slip a Cable purpose cap at the trimmed purpose ought block fraying, then compress it into lay with pliers.
  • Some bike mechanics advocate leaving almost 3 inches (7.6 cm) of Cable exposed from the brake clamp consequently there’s enough length although future adjustments. However, there’s a danger that this length could grow caught at the wheel or brake mechanism.
  • If you elect ought own the purpose long, hook the additional Cable securely almost the brake, and exist certain it doesn’t obstruction the wheel or brake pads. Alternatively, just tidy the excess string ought almost ⁄4 inch (1.9 cm).

3) conduct a endure restrain by rocking your bike with the brake engaged. Double restrain that your brakes vocation properly ago you further riding. walk the bike forward, then haul the brake lever, and create certain the braking wheel has stopped. stone the bike send a slice ought create certain the brake doesn’t budge.
  • If you consume trouble, oath the Cable's connections ought the lever and retention anchor are stable. Double restrain that engaging the lever causes the brake pads ought near almost the wheel. if you can't discover the problem, consult a bike mechanic.