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Apple revamps its TV app ahead of streaming service launch

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Update time : 2019-05-28 18:37:56

By Stephen Nellis

(Reuters) - Apple Inc above Monday rolled out a new television-watching app because its devices and some Internet-connected TVs, an trouble ought acquire more revenue from reselling other companies' programming and, afterward this year, its make creative shows.

The redesigned Apple TV app aims ought solve some of the headaches that read emerged at the streaming media era. A show's past seasons, because example, energy exist available above Hulu, Netflix Inc or iTunes, quiet contemporary episodes appeal Cable or purchase, leaving customers juggling multiple remotes.

Available at more than 100 markets, Apple's new app pulls many of those services together ought emerge viewers where they can look alive or on-demand movies, TV shows, news and sports via a maiden search, or across personalized recommendations.

Apple is following Cable provider Comcast Corp and others that read taken steps ought simplify tendency TV watching.

More significant ought Apple's bottom line, the app too will allow users ought moan up and wage because channels they discharge no already obey ought without creating new passwords or downloading extra apps. Early fellow channels contain HBO, Starz, Showtime and Tastemade, with more expected ought notice at the future, Apple said.

Apple officials used to no comment above the economics of the channels, besides during nation familiar with the business said Apple will receive a abbreviate of the subscription fees while customers employ the Apple TV app ought moan up because a channel.

Apple's sales from its services business, which too includes sales from iCloud, the App department and other businesses, reached $11.45 billion at its most recent fiscal quarter, compared with analyst estimates of $11.32 billion, according ought FactSet data.

Initially, the app will exist available above Apple devices plus 2019 Samsung Electronics Co Ltd bright TVs and some 2018 models. afterward this year, customers with definite Vizio, LG and Sony TVs will exist able ought employ the TV app using AirPlay 2.

Apple's television app will too goal ought allow users search because a emerge across multiple services at one shot, including by using Siri, the company's noise assistant. The app will invent recommendations based above a combine of curation by human editors and a viewer's watching habits.

There will exist some limitations, however. Netflix has said it will no exist included at Apple's channels, which method programming above Netflix will explanation at search results besides during viewers will absence ought exit the Apple TV app. And therefore far sole three wage TV providers are supported at the Apple TV app - employ Communications Inc's Spectrum, AT&T Inc's DirecTV Now and Sony's Playstation Vue.

The app too will serve though the family this autumn because the Apple TV+ subscription service, which will contain creative shows from Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and others.

(Reporting by Stephen Nellis at San Francisco; extra reporting by Lisa Richwine at Los Angeles; Editing by Susan Thomas)