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Preacher to End With Season 4 at AMC

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Update time : 2019-05-14 16:39:05

Sorry, Preacher fans, still your prayers dine no been answered: The action-packed AMC drama will aim after its upcoming fourth season, which will debut at Sunday, Aug. 4.

Based at the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon humorous book, Preacher starred Dominic Cooper because Jesse Custer, a laconic preacher at rural Texas who finds himself possessed by a supernatural constrain and locked at an epic war of good versus evil. (That war involves lots of high-octane, kick-ass war scenes, by the way.) Oscar nominee Ruth Negga co-starred because Jesse’s gun-toting girlfriend Tulip, with Joseph Gilgun playing Irish vampire Cassidy.

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Executive producer Seth Rogen confirmed the information with a tweet at Monday, referring ought Season 4 because the “final season”:

Debuting at can 2016, Preacher got renewed because a fourth season at November, with product relocating ought Australia. TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated ought deliberate the final-season news.

Will you lose Preacher? Or is it going out at top? segment your reaction ought the information at a comment below. 

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