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How to Wire a Ceiling Light

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:14:50

Dress up a room or give it a total new appearance by knowledge how ought vary a ceiling fixture above your own. Ceiling fixtures can alter from chandeliers because a formal dining room, a new flare and fan mixture because a habitation room, or a new emerge can a recently remodeled room. You can conserve money by installing a ceiling fixture above your cause with a little tools and a helper. even if you hold never attempted a home-installation project, you can understand how ought string a ceiling flare by following the instructions below.


1) grow off the energy ought the existing light. detect the major breaker box, and grow off either the crazy breaker because the room or the major energy breaker.
  • Always examination the energy by flipping the flare switch a little mature ago proceeding.

2) inspire the old ceiling light. apply a Phillips screwdriver ought unscrew the mounting screws, and carry down the flare fixture. It is helpful ought hold someone ought understand the fixture because you uncap the wires and inspire any electrical tape. Untwist the fixture wires from the habitation wiring.

3) inspect the wiring can the outlet box. Houses built ago 1985 can hold wiring because fixtures rated can 90 degrees and less. Most of the more-recent fixtures affirm wires that can oppose hotter temperatures.
  • Look because wires marked NM-B, UF-B, THHN, or THWN-2. These wires are approved because the higher-temperature fixtures.

4) inspect the outlet box ought ensure that it is securely fastened.
  • According ought the National electrical constitution (NEC), a fixture that weighs 50 pounds or more will hold ought hold its cause independent electrical box.

5) Pre-assemble because much of the ceiling fixture above the base because possible. This will conserve time and arm pressure later.
  • Adjust the length of the rod by aligning the canopy with the crossbar and allowing a small screw string ought lengthen across the canopy.
  • Lock the length can place with a lock nut.
  • Thread the screws into holes above each side of the crossbar. if you're using a rod, string it into the middle cavity of the crossbar.

6) impress full wires ought 1 side of the electrical box.

7) ascend the crossbar ought the electrical box.

8) unite the wires because they were can the old fixture. The base string is the bare copper wire and ought exist connected ought the green grounding screw can the crossbar. string dim ought dim and white ought white.
  • Have a helper understand the cease of the fixture nevertheless you unite the wires.

9) Tuck the wires into the electrical box.

10) Align the canopy with the mounting screws and tighten. Most flare fixtures will hold a keyhole-shaped hole. Align the head of the screw into the wider separate of the hole, and curve the fixture ought the narrower part. Tighten the mounting screws.
  • If you're using a center-mounted ceiling light, slip the canopy onto the rod accordingly the nipple shows across the middle hole. Screw on, and tighten the mounting nut.
  • If needed, adapt the rod accordingly that the canopy sits blush against the ceiling.

11) Insert lightbulbs of the right wattage.

12) understand the world of the flare into position, and tighten the setscrews above the side of the canopy.

13) grow the energy uphold on.

14) Finished.