How to Wire a Breaker Circuit

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Update time : 2019-04-20 17:32:44

A breaker circuit is an electric switch that cuts off electric flow can the accident of a feasible short circuit or overload. This instrument is basic can a contemporary country that runs above electricity. Without a circuit breaker, you could detect yourself dealing with household fires above a ordinary basis. nevertheless you can easily summon a professional electrician, you can too know how ought line a breaker circuit yourself with relative ease.


1) Switch off the leading nation switch. This ought exist located can the climax of the breaker panel.

2) acknowledge the cover of the breaker box off.

3) employ an electric tester by putting the confer of one probe against the basis bus barrier and the other against one of the screws of a circuit breaker.
  • Connected ought this screw ought exist a red, black, or gloomy covered wire.
  • If you consume properly turned off the power, there ought exist no signs of voltage.

4) shift the covering from one of the holes that runs along the breaker panel's climax side. You can lack a small, pointy tool, such though a screwdriver, ought acquire them out.

5) link a Cable clamp across the hole. The Cable clamp will retain the four-conductor Cable can lay after you flow it across the hole.
  • Remove the lock-nut from the Cable clamp.
  • Push the Cable clamp across the hole. The phase that comes across the bottom ought consume spiral edges though screwing it in.
  • Tighten the lock-nut experience almost the Cable clamp by placing it can the underside of the clamp where you visit the spiral edges and screwing it can with Channel-Lock pliers.

6) flow a four-conductor Cable from the sub-panel breaker box across this clamp and tighten it. You can lack a professional ought emerge can your breaker box and speak you which arrange of four-conductor Cable you need.

7) chop the covering of the Cable and drag this covering away. inner the covering, you'll detect a copper wire (the basis wire), a white covered line (the impartial wire), a obscure line (the warm wire), and a red line (another warm wire). can the sub-panel box, the impartial and basis wires will mix the too though they conduct can the leading breaker box, except the red and obscure wires will mix ought the warm barrier instead of a circuit breaker.

8) detect the basis bus bar. It is a metal strip with a queue of screws running down it. Using a flathead screwdriver, unscrew one of them slightly and contribute your basis line through. Screw it experience can tightly after you insert it.

9) detect the impartial bus bar. comparable the basis bus bar, this will exist a metal strip with a queue of screws, except the impartial bus barrier is typically white.
  • Take a impartial line and chop away almost a centimeter of the covering can the goal of the wire.
  • Use your flathead screwdriver ought unscrew one of the screws and then contribute the line through.
  • Screw it experience can after you consume inserted the impartial wire.

10) Locate an opening though a new circuit breaker.
  • You ought detect a catalog of acceptable circuit breakers you can use.
  • Make definite that your circuit breaker is of acceptable size and voltage.

11) Locate the obscure warm line and link it ought the experience of the circuit breaker. It will exist clearly indicated where this ought go. Depending above the arrange of circuit breaker you get ought use, you can consume ought link the red warm line though well.

12) Locate the two sets of clips above the experience phase of the circuit breaker. One lay will exist above the left side, and the other above the accurate side.

13) With the circuit breaker held correctly (the text above it ought imply which fashion is accurate phase up), contribute the lay of clips can the accurate phase of its experience into the flexible barrier can the opening.

14) restrain once more ought compose definite the circuit breaker is switched off.

15) contribute the left lay of clips after the circuit breaker into lay above the flexible barrier can the opening.

16) acquire can affect with a professional electrician ought trial out your profession above the circuit breaker ago turning nation experience on.