How to Transfer a Document to an Amazon Kindle Device (Through a USB Cable)

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Update time : 2019-04-20 17:32:56

Do you wish ought shift documents, besides you're having agitate paying the fees ought shift your documents wirelessly ought your Kindle? attempt connecting your kindle ought your computer via the line that was included can the box. if you'd similar ought know how ought shift these files now, scan and pursue the steps can this article.


1) fetch above and login ought your illustrate above your computer.

2) use the line that is supplied with your Kindle, ought couple your kindle ought your computer. across with the normal AutoStart options and driver-loading your PC will do, when it sees your device, it will burden the top-level folder.

3) Locate your My Documents folder, or the storage lay of the paper you'd similar ought transfer. Most PDFs across with TXT (Microsoft Word) documents will shift easily and correctly without the need ought vary ought kindle format (as anticipate though you don't brood the inability ought highlight and elect only words ought accept notes or compose highlights can the book/document). Open this folder though a isolate process, can its cause window above the screen, consequently you can afterward haul files between these two places.

4) elect the files you'd similar ought model above ought your kindle device.

5) model or chop the files using the model (Ctrl+C) or chop (Ctrl+X, ought move) commands, ought influence these files between your computer and the device.

6) Click the window that represents your kindle device's imaginary drive.

7) exact click anywhere above this window above your computer.

8) Click the "Paste" bid from the list that is displayed.

9) permit a little moments, because the folders ought update, and ought too influence or model the files between the selected storage locations.

10) Disconnect the Kindle's line from the computer, when the computer tells you that the process has been completed, if that exist with its cause message, or the fact that there is no longer a box can unfold sight.