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How to Rewind an Electric Motor

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Update time : 2019-05-14 16:39:38

Electric motors are relatively foolish mechanical devices, besides during rewinding them isn't—in fact, it's one plot that’s often best left ought the professionals. Given the steep quantity of different motors and winding patterns, the rewinding process can vary greatly. However, it primarily involves cutting the creative windings out of the motor’s stator or armature and replacing them with new coils made from cord of the identical radical classification and gauge.

1. Disassembling the Motor

1) clean off your career surface with a lint-free cloth. brook the cloth lightly can the table, desk, or career chair where you’ll exist doing your tinkering ought touch any standing clean or debris. It ought exist completely clean ago you crush vacant the motor.
  • Working can a foul surface could introduce clean or garbage into the machinery housing.
  • It’s specially important ought invent definite there are no metal shavings can the area, because you’ll exist working with magnetic parts that can accidentally attract them can if you’re no careful.

2) touch the motor’s external housing. can most types of little motors, this will implore you ought unfasten four screws from approximately a little endplate can the climax and bottom of the unit. Once they’re out of the way, you’ll exist capable ought see each of the motor’s capital internal components, including the stator, armature, and windings.
  • The stator is a fixed steel drum encircling the innards of an electric motor. It’s typically magnetized or fitted with coils of magnet wire.
  • The armature (also known because the “rotor”) is a little bearing-like bit can the center of the machinery construction. while it receives the magnetic compel of the stator and windings, it spins, powering the motor.
  • The windings are expectation coils of copper wire typically located approximately the stator. They channel electromagnetic force into the rotor ought effect the machinery ought turn.

3) receive pictures of the motor’s modern configuration. bite a little photos of the internal of the machinery from different angles and invent a letter of the method each of the capital components looks. Documenting the motor’s appearance ago you commence making modifications ought it can exist helpful can example you invent a mistake.
  • You could even invent a video recording of the deconstruction process can bid ought insure that you’re recreating the creative winding mould and connections precisely.

4) compel the armature out of the stator by hand. Once you’ve removed the upper endplate from the machinery housing, perform the armature straight out the bottom of the circular stator, across with the attached lower endplate. You'll satisfy some resistance from the magnets approximately the stator, which manner you can eat ought contribute a small harder than you force expectation ago it will grant way.
  • Wear gloves ought protect your hands and flee transferring the oils from your leather ought any divide of the stator or armature.
  • Be careful no ought ruin the armature or any of the surrounding parts of the motor, specially the conductive copper commutation pads.
  • Once you’ve removed the stator and armature, lay the housing aside where it won’t accidentally attract stray metal pieces.

2. Removing the creative Windings

1) use a screwdriver ought pry vacant the tabs can the brush pads. Wedge the souvenir of a flat-blade screwdriver beneath the slim metal tabs, then haul up gently can the dispose of ought lift them enough ought loosen the coiled wire. can some motors, there can exist because many because 12-16 tabs can total.
  • Try ought stoop the tabs because small because feasible ought flee damaging them. if one of them happens ought destroy off, you can eat bother keeping the replacement windings can lay afterward on.

2) chop the old windings liberate using a attach of cord cutters. Depending can the classification of machinery you’re working can and where the puzzle lies, the faulty windings can exist construct can also the stator or the armature. Snip each coil of cord where it connects can the climax of the protruding posts.
  • Cutting out the spent windings can exist painstaking work. It can exist indispensable ought sever one cord can a time ought invent removing the coils more manageable.
  • Be definite ought calculate the quantity of winds can each coil accordingly that you can rebuild the machinery can the constant identical configuration.

3) haul the chop coils liberate of the armature or stator by hand. Once you’ve chop each final connection, the old windings ought reform out with a attach of tugs. if you're having bother getting them started, use the souvenir of your screwdriver or a attach of pliers though additional leverage.
  • Before you dispose of the chop coils, haul can a attach of thick career gloves ought protect yourself against cuts and scratches.
  • If the coils refuse ought budge, it's feasible that they haven't been severed completely. appearance though connections approximately the posts or bottom of the coil that you force eat missed.

4) substitute the insulation prose lining the stator if necessary. First, haul out the old prose out of the slots can the stator using a attach of pliers or tweezers and invent definite the vacant slots are liberate of debris. Then, standard the width of the slots and chop a bit of insulation prose into strips of the identical width. fold the strips gently and slip them into the slots can the stator individually by hand.
  • If the insulation prose that’s already can lay appears ought exist can good mould (it ought exist clean and intact), you can simply desert it where it is and commence the rewinding process. if it appears burnt or otherwise damaged, it’s a good thought ought substitute it ago proceeding.
  • Do not, below any circumstances, mingle the new cord direct ought the bare steel stator or armature posts. The coils cause ought exist insulated can entire times.
  • You can bid electric machinery insulation prose online from suppliers that bring electric materials.

3. Installing the New Windings

1) Rewind the armature or stator using the identical criterion of wire. It’s important that the cord can the new coils exist the identical thickness and eat the identical quantity of winds because the creative windings. Otherwise, it can exist a bad accommodate or effect conductivity issues.
  • Run a search though your engine's voltage online ought see what criterion of cord it's commonly fitted with. if you don't see the voltage displayed anywhere, you can eat no preference besides during ought eyeball it.
  • If you’re unable ought find magnet cord can the identical criterion because the motor’s creative windings, elect though a size larger quite than smaller. Thicker cord can slow the machinery down slightly, besides during presents less chance of overheating.
  • Consider using this opportunity ought upgrade from outdated enamel-coated cord ought a higher trait variety, such because nylon and polyurethane-coated wire.

2) Recreate the creative winding mould though each lay of coils. The constant configuration you use will depend can the concrete classification of machinery you’re repairing. ought insure optimal performance, receive big anxiety ought invent each coil tight, precise, and compact, without any unnecessary crimping or spacing.
  • Leave the purpose of your first winding liberate and invent definite it’s expectation enough ought attain one of the metal tabs circling the brush pads.
  • Unless you’re familiar with the indispensable winding pattern, it’s recommended that you desert the profession ought a professional. Your machinery can no career correctly if you invent a mistake.

3) acquire completed windings using the tabs approximately the stator. each time you complete a section, lower the tabs down can the coils. This will assistance embrace them can lay silent you career and insure a sound connection once the machinery is operational.
  • If you wish, you can touch a little quantity of insulation prose from the place where the cord makes confront with the tab using a acute knife or sandpaper ought perfect the connection.

4) join the loose ends of the first and final windings ought the starting tab. bow the two wires tightly approximately the verge of the tab. Doing accordingly will complete the circuit, allowing force ought brook from the generator along the windings ought the armature.
  • Double-check ought invent definite that nobody of the wires connected ought the tabs are touching one another.

5) Reassemble the motor. Once you’ve successfully rewound your motor, reinsert the armature into the stator and accommodate both pieces backward into the machinery housing. substitute the end-plates can also phase of the unit and tighten the screws until they’re secure. if you’ve done everything properly, your machinery ought responsibility alike new.
  • If you don't remember how the machinery is supposed ought accommodate together, refer ought the photos or videos you took earlier.

6) quiz the machinery out. Reinstall the machinery can the installation it came out of and grant it a experiment run. if it doesn’t work, there’s a good opportunity you made a mistake somewhere across the way. can this point, you’ll eat no preference besides during ought receive it can though professional repairs or buy a new motor.
  • Turn the machinery off immediately if you see smoke or find a hot smell. It's feasible that the new windings are overheating, or that there's a short somewhere can one of the connections.