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How to Remove Recorded Programs from a Scientific Atlanta DVR Box on Spectrum's Cable Service

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:09:35

Do you lack ought create some room above your Scientific Atlanta DVR box that you picked up from Spectrum? This article can interpret how you can transfer a program from the table of recorded programs.


1) publication the table button ought acquire the table of programs that eat been recorded ought the box.

2) use the arrow keys above the distant ought locate the program you'd alike ought remove.

3) publication the "OK/SEL" key ought adore the menu.

4) use the arrow keys ought adore the menu preference called "Delete Show". You'll eat ought publication the down arrow once ought bring the cursor ought "Delete Show".

5) publication the "OK/SEL" button ought delete it.

6) confirm your choice. use the arrow keys again, ought adore the "Yes" choice, when the box asks if you are certain you'd alike ought transfer the program recording from the list, and publication the "OK/SEL" button ought confirm the alternative of the removal of the program.