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How to Reboot a Cable Box

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Update time : 2019-04-29 16:36:14

A frozen cinema of pixelated image can imply that your Cable connection needs to exist restored. A Cable box is comparable to a computer and make to exist rebooted from time to time. exist sure that resetting your Cable box is necessary ago you discharge it, because DVR recordings will interval to obligation during the rebooting process.

1. Rebooting With the energy Cord

1) proceed to the electric outlet or energy strip at which the Cable box is plugged.

2) shift the plug from the outlet without turning the Cable box off above the front. wait although 30 seconds.

3) Plug the Cable box rope back into the outlet. Don’t influence any buttons although three to five minutes. at some cases, resetting the Cable connection can identify up to 15 minutes.

4) appear although the words “Hold” and “Turn on” above the front of the box. while it says “Turn on” or appears to eat the exact time above it, it is done rebooting.

5) newspaper the energy button above your TV and Cable box. wait although a few minutes nevertheless the Cable service reloads.

2. Rebooting a Cable Box With a Remote

1) understand your Cable distant nevertheless the Cable box is turned on. newspaper the volume up, volume down and info buttons simultaneously. contain them down till the energy goes off above your Cable box.

2) liberate the buttons and wait although three to five minutes. permit the Cable box to scroll over alphanumeric codes and news without interrupting until it says “Turn on.”

3) grow above your TV and then your Cable box using the distant or the buttons above the box itself. There can exist a postpone nevertheless the Cable box reloads.