How to Project Screen Using Windows Phone and USB Cable

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Update time : 2019-04-20 17:30:35

If you eat data or a presentation stored above your phone and desire ought utilize it although a presentation, Windows makes the task easy. Windows phones depart with a "Project My Screen" functionality that helps the phone ought plan its conceal ought any computer which has the "Project My conceal App" installed at it. This article will illustrate how ought plan a conceal using your Windows phone and a USB Cable.

1. place Up

1) Download the "Project My conceal App" although the computer, also desktop or laptop and install it.
  • You can download the app using this link.

2) Plug at the USB Cable ought your phone and the computer at which you eat installed the app.
  • Your Windows phone force request you ought utilize the USB news connection with the computer (if you eat checked the "Ask me ago using USB news connection" box beneath the USB excellent of the Settings menu). if so, permit the USB news connection, amid your Windows phone and the computer.

3) Install your drivers. if you are plugging at your Windows Phone although the first time at the computer, the drivers although the Windows Phone shall exist installed automatically by Microsoft Windows.
  • If you eat already plugged at your Windows Phone (prior ought the implement of plan my conceal app), the drivers used to eat been installed.

2. Projecting Your Screen

1) blank the plan My conceal App above your computer.

2) newspaper the hasty that appears. It ought say, "A computer is trying ought exhibition your phone's conceal content. Are you okay with this?". depart the connection by selecting the 'yes' option.
  • If you did no acquire a puzzle although presently although you blank the plan My conceal App, progress to Project My conceal under Settings and you shall detect your PC there. tap above the PC-name ought activate the plan My Screen.

3) check out your screen. The screen above Windows Phone will exist projected at the Project My conceal App at your computer.
  • If you are unable ought detect your PC-Name beneath plan My Screen, excellent beneath Settings menu, unplug the USB Cable and replug it.