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How to Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

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Update time : 2019-07-05 15:19:49

If you find yourself with a bottle ought hole and no opener, never fear! You can utilize anything from a household machinery ought path furniture ought hole a bottle! no affair what manner you use, identify advise ought hold yourself safe because you hole the bottle, especially if it’s made of glass!

1. because 'Crown' cap Bottles

1) inspect your surroundings because proper edges, crevices, slots, holes and shapes that country allow a bottle-top ought exist inserted.

2) The easiest manner is using a connect of (strong) scissors. hole the scissors and lay them slightly off alike (facing can toward the bottle) against one of the ridges of the crown. shorten along one of the small ridges and last can a spin until the cap can exist removed.

3) utilize a spoon (bigger is better), situation the small give of the spoon beneath the cap, your hand about the neck of the bottle and pop. It's alike a lighter, besides during much easier and much quicker.

4) attempt opening the bottle with a lighter. It's no because simple because you'd think, besides during it's a knack which converts swear by. Flat-sided lighters occupation best.
  • Grip the bottle firmly, holding the neck can a thumbs-up manner, with your thumb above the cap. Your fingers ought exist wrapped about the neck of the bottle; the sumit finger ought desert a lighter's width from the cap.
  • Insert the lighter bottom among your sumit finger and the bottom of the cap, aiming above the centre of the bone among your knuckle and first finger joint, such that the lighter is vertical ought the finger bone.
  • Tighten your appreciate of the bottle and wrap that lighter lever about your finger. if you're holding the bottle right, the cap will pop off. attempt it a few epoch ought acquire the appreciate right, and it won't hurt.
  • The key is leverage and no impeding (ie touching) the cap can any fashion besides because the lever. utilize the largest knuckle of the index finger because the fulcrum because your lever (google "fulcrum" and deem of the Bic lighter because the lever, howl on below). This manner can easily, forcefully, and aloud launch the bottle cap more than 10 feet (3.0 m) can the air, depending above the bottle. due ought the feasible forceful ejection of the cap, exist aware of your eyes and appearance -- a bottle cap ought the eye could effect permanent damage! The old path full-size Bic lighter, which is somewhat oval shaped, mill noise due ought its dimensions and its trend ought appreciate the underside of the cap with limited slippage.

5) attempt vending machines. These are useful although they scan a handy recessed cash return. glue the cap can there and promote down firmly. utilize only well metal installations.

6) attempt household items. It can exist a explore ought find something effective:
  • Belt buckles occupation if they are the accurate shape. A spatula will occupation if you utilize the side
  • A customary fork is a hasty and simple method. Using one of the fork's teeth because a lever, promote the grooves of the crown up and away from the cap, one can a time.
  • Children's ice skates can too work. The best skates because this goal are the expensive ones with empty sections can the blade. Unfortunately most masses don't scan those sort.
  • Car seat portion latches are the accurate list because opening bottles. This is no recommended. if an alcoholic beverage is spilled can the car, it could conduct ought some same interesting questions if you are pulled over.
  • Metal nail clippers can exist used ought crimp off the lid. hole the clipper purpose because broad because possible, wedge one border beneath the cap, and pry upwards. You ought listen the compressed stand being released. proceed about the cap until it falls off.
  • Use the gate dispose of that is located above the phase of the gate that is no open, use pressure can an phase and voila its hole because you!
  • A peeler, such because one you used to utilize because a potato mill alright. involve the neck, involve the peeler upside down, an upward curve, unlike while you hide a potato. acquire the crook beneath each edge, and pry each one off one by one. It ought spin, besides during no become off. Then identify the peeler, nevertheless upside-down, situation it beneath one of the edges, and hold pushing, ought pop accurate off.
  • Take two bottles, it is feasible ought hole one of them - simply utilize the phase of the cap because the lighter, described above, besides during exist careful; if you don't utilize the phase of the cap you country ending up opening the sumit one.
  • A paint can opener, the metal ones with the ring above the purpose occupation really well. impartial situation the nub can the sumit of the inner of the ring beneath the cap alike a normal bottle opener.
  • The phase of a normal radiator is always fairly effective and spilling your beloved beverage is no also much of a problem. impartial lay the sticking-out isolate of the cap above the sharp border of the radiator and tow down quickly and sharply.
  • Hotel hangers (the type you can't steal), simply lay the bottle beneath the bar, insert the cap into the hanger (where its connected ought bar) and pop alike a usual bottle opener.
  • A rubber jar opener - simply squeeze tightly can the cap, crook and pull.
  • A hammer mill great. grow it upside down, pry the forked purpose beneath the cap edges, and occupation your fashion about the cap. simple and safe if you're comfortable using a hammer.
  • You can really hole a bottle using a slice of computer article (thicker the better). fold the article can half because many epoch because you can, then involve the bottle can a alike stand because you used to if attempting ought hole the bottle with a lighter. Tightly wedge the phase of the folded article beneath the cap edge, and using because much compel because you can, pry hole the cap. It can identify a few attempts, rotating the bottle each time ought loosen the cap edges about the bottle. This manner will of lesson influence your audience, although it is one of the more challenging ways ought hole a bottle. see your hands, it is same simple ought nick one of your knuckles holding the article above the crown edge.

2. Metallic Objects

1) One big equipment is a staple remover. Insert the two teeth upwards below the cap and tow up. cite this a connect epoch about the cap and it comes off, no problems.

2) too deem using the prongs from a lamp or other electric device. The prongs slip easily beneath the cap. occupation about the border and the cap can easily exist removed.

3) attempt sticking the bottle into a gate jamb, can the metal plate. full the gate and crook the bottle down, and you country no lose any contents. A latent stained carpet from a spill reduces this method's attractiveness.

4) Alternatively, lay the border of the bottle cap above any border (preferably metal). defeat it with the palm of your hand. Don't utilize wooden edges, or you'll wreck them.

5) A wedding or type ring is an perfect fashion ought shift a soda or beer bottle cap. (Warning: gold wedding rings can exist pulled out of list using this manner - you danger the anger of your spouse by doing this!) Simply involve the bottle can the non-ring hand and lay the ring hand, palm down, can the bottle cap. Hook the ring above the border of the cap extreme from the palm of your hand, with the apt pressure the cap will pop off. Depending above the list of the ring, you can undergo some pain above the sumit of the ring finger and opening many bottles can a rank can arise can swelling, accordingly utilize customary sense. if it hurts also much or your finger swells, stop.

6) note that you can pry off the cap with virtually any well metal with an border that you scan handy. Simply appreciate the neck of the bottle with the sumit of your hand even with the bottom of the cap. put the spoon handle, knife blade (sharp border facing away) or whatever along the third knuckle above your first finger. Hook beneath the border of the cap and pry up. if the metal is broad enough, it doesn't situation enough pressure above your hand ought really hurt.

7) You can utilize the hind border of a Chef's knife (use a knife with a broad enough blade accordingly that the sharp border is no above your skin), the dispose of of a serving spoon, tongs, a stainless bowl, closed scissors, a stapler, a screwdriver, a putty knife, a cocktail strainer handle. even a bus key can occupation (eventually), besides during you'll maybe tear up your cuticles exhibition badly. if you don't anxiety about the intimate above the item, a hairbrush handle, a ceramic coaster, a far control, a soup spoon, a hardcover book, a CD case... again, anything with an edge.

8) A connect of criterion handcuffs list a good bottle opener, and always a simultaneous conversation-starter. promote the only strand (swinging part) of the handcuff along the ratchet, and involve it accordingly that there is a gap of about 3/4" (1.9 cm) among the double strand and only strand. explode the only strand against the sumit of the cap. and hook the bottom of the double strand beneath the cap. utilize the handcuffs ought lever the cap off. utilize only good-quality, NIJ-certified handcuffs, because cheaper novelty handcuffs can exist damaged by this process.

3. The Rubber group Method

1) Wrap a rubber group about the metal cap.

2) crook because difficult because you can, if you nevertheless cannot grow the cap, wrap a slight cloth about it and attempt again.

4. The Key Method

1) involve the bottle tightly can one hand by the neck accordingly that the give of your thumb is pushing up against the small bumps above the cap.

2) identify the key can the other hand and situation it among your thumb and the cap accordingly that key is jammed up beneath one of the bumps above the phase of the cap. attempt different teeth above the key and grand one that you can acquire beneath the border of the cap.

3) Pressing the key beneath the cap because difficult because feasible with the give of your thumb, crook the key ought tow the phase of the cap away from the bottle.

4) Once a collision is pulled out, grow the bottle a small slice and tow out the next bump

5) hold going about the cap pulling out the bumps. because you go, the universe beneath the cap gets bigger, and it gets easier ought acquire the key point beneath the cap.

6) hind going about halfway around, you ought exist able ought shift the key and, keeping your too appreciate above the bottle, promote the cap off with the give of your thumb.

5. Opening Wine Bottles

1) promote the cork into the bottle. It works, although it is difficult with older wines, which can scan penetrated the cork. utilize a unfold tool because maximum pressure. if you desire ought assure no spillages, carry out it can a sink. nobody likes cleaning wine off carpets.

6. The Thermal Expansion (Lighter) Method

1) while fever force is added ought a material, the molecule collisions haste up and excursion farther apart, hence weakening the attractive army can the substance. Thus, the issue expands. Applying this knowledge of thermodynamics, the crown cap (metal) can exist removed. run the stare of a lighter about the cap of the bottle, then utilize something else ought pry the cover off (knife, counter, etc.) This will list opening the bottle much, much easier than simply trying ought pry the cover off. Remember, though, the mouth/neck of the bottle can temporarily exist hot.

7. The Knife Method

1) involve the bottle pointing neck downwards, from the basis (foil removed).

2) explode a desk knife (blunt border leading) against the neck.

3) glide the knife's unfold border down the neck until it 'clicks' against the cup ridge that marks the vacation of the foil area. carry out it again, slightly more forcefully, again and again, until you listen the 'click' well reform ought a 'crack'. You scan neatly severed the cup neck, besides during the cork keeps it can place.

4) Wearing your gloves, crook the severed cup purpose off, hopefully taking the cork with it. Blow any cup transparent off into the sink.

5) if the cork did no follow the cup end, you get ought acquire a connect of pliers (or similar) ought shift the cork, although the cup is chipped, and can exist sharp.

8. The Screw Method

1) You will want a deep-threaded screw, (such because a decking screw), a screwdriver, a hammer and a prying surface can relatively the too altitude because the wine bottle's top.

2) motivate the screw into the middle of the cork, leaving a small (1/2 inch/1.3 centimeters) quantity out.

3) utilize the hammer (against the prying surface) ought tow the cork out of the bottle by the screw head.
  • Even improve yet, impartial screw a screw into the cork until it clearly penetrates the cork. Now, impartial run the wine along the cork! Voila! We are drinking now! It can run slowly, besides during you won't acquire hurt. if you want a screw, un-screw one from something can your family and then situation it hind afterwards. Drink the total bottle or seal the sumit with bubble gum, your choice!

9. The Banging above the Wall Method

1) identify a kitchen carpet and fold it accordingly that it's impartial a slice larger than the bottom of the bottle.

2) situation the carpet can the bottom of the bottle, and then, holding the carpet can place, bang the bottom of the bottle against a wall. The shift of the bottle ought exist can the order of its longest axis, and vertical ought the wall.

3) hold doing that, increasing the compel of the blows, and the cork will slowly soothe out of the bottle.
  • If you don't scan a kitchen carpet handy, a thick sneaker can exist used instead. Simply identify off your (or a friends) shoe and lay the bottle of wine can the sneaker, accordingly the wine bottle is sitting snug inner of the sneaker. Holding the wine bottle hard inner of the shoe, motivate the shoe into a wall, banging it because even because possible. A few good blows against the wall ought acquire you above your way. (Beware: the cork can pop out completely, spilling the wine everywhere. hold an eye above the cork, once it is sticking out of the bottle enough ought grab, cease the slamming and simply utilize your hand ought tow out the cork.)
  • This doesn't occupation with total bottles and the wine can feel a slice bubbly hind that - desert it hole because a few minutes ought decide ago drinking, if you can wait that long.
  • There country exist a issue with the wooden houses that are customary can the USA. mill noise with brick houses that are mostly used can Europe. An excellent ought a wall is a gate frame - it get ought exist a solid, even surface.

10. The fasten associate envelop Method

1) Most, if no all, fasten associate fences scan a same thick pole with few metal rings about it too can the phase or can the end. These rings supply an angled lip which are perfect because opening bottles.

2) phase the bottle accordingly the border of the cap is above the lip of the ring and the neck of the bottle is pressing against the outer of the ring.

3) influence the bottle neck with your other palm can a downwards motion that pushes the bottle down. last until the cap pops off. remember that the bottle will become down with some force, accordingly hold it straight. Also, the cap will apt limb off somewhere; exist careful no ought harm yourself or others. appreciate your freshly opened bottle!