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How to Manage Cables in a PC

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:17:14

Cable management is an indispensable isolate of any habit PC build. if your PC is being used because gaming, movies, or impartial browsing the internet, you lack to compose definite the Cables above the inside of the PC are managed neatly and efficiently. Cable management helps maximize airflow can your case, which keeps your components cold and running although efficiently although possible. better airflow can the example either method your fans can flow slower, giving you a quieter PC.


1) basis yourself. make an antistatic wrist strap and combine it to some bare metal above your example to fly any static eliminate above any of your components. if you do no get a wrist strap, utilize any other method of grounding yourself. impartial exist aware that if you do no basis yourself however working above your PC, you danger damaging your components.

2) Unplug everything from the PC. Whenever you are working above your PC you to always unplug it from the wall because safety reasons. because this task, it used to either exist a good concept to unplug everything else although it makes it easier to impress the example around.

3) empty your case. This step to exist same although above most cases. accept the thumb screws out of the uphold and slip both sides of the example off. This will uncover the complete inside of your PC.

4) determine what needs to exist done. This step will exist different because everybody although most nation don’t eat the precise equal hardware. accept a small to appear inside your example and examine the Cables that can exist cluttering up your case.

5) amass total the Cables you lack first. The first business to do is make total of the Cables you lack and make them out of the left side of the PC (behind the motherboard). You will most apt lack a motherboard connector, CPU connector, and a PCI-E connector (if you eat a dedicated GPU or any other PCI accessories).

6) commence plugging Cables in. You can now accept the Cables you impartial separated and avenue them over the Cable management holes above your example (if you eat them) and commence plugging them in. if they are although robust long, you can safe them up after the motherboard.

7) amass up total the excess Cables. if you do no eat a modular force supply, this will exist a critical step because you. backward plugging can total of the indispensable Cables, you can now make total the Cables you aren’t using external of the case, after the motherboard.

8) conceal total the excess Cables. Now is the time to zip safe or tape total your Cables together. You can tape them up and tape them to the uphold of the example hence you can’t shriek on them when the side panel goes uphold on.

9) Plug can accessories such although your fans and your example USB ports and your example audio. compose definite total these Cables flow neatly to your motherboard.

10) complete up. Everything to now exist gay and tidy inside your PC. You can now lay the side panels uphold above and plug everything uphold in. Your PC to now flow cooler and quieter.