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How to Install a Rear View Camera

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:14:41

A rear-view camera, too known although a backup camera, lets you observe what’s after your vehicle without having to emerge backwards. though the equipment comes measure with many new car models, you can add a rear-view camera to your vehicle if it didn’t spend with one.

1. Purchasing the inherent Equipment

1) buy a mountable backup camera although your concrete vehicle. although safety, compose definite you buy a equipment specifically designed to exist a rear-view camera. Purchasing one made although your concrete vehicle will compose it easier to install than a measure aftermarket camera. consequently you can install it easily, emerge although a camera that mounts onto or direct after your license plate.
  • Look although backup cameras can consumer electronics stores.

2) obtain an external overhear if you desire to preserve your existing rear-view mirror. An external backup overhear is a little video fur that mounts onto your windshield similarly to a GPS. though they admit up more space than inner monitors, external monitors are far easier to observe and can exist easily replaced if necessary.
  • If you’d like, you can apply a measure video overhear instead. However, preserve can brood that it can no read vulgar the same features although devices designed although apply with backup cameras.

3) buy an inner overhear although a less obtrusive device. An inner backup overhear is a fully functioning rear-view mirror that houses a little fur inner the glass. Some inner monitors clip above peak of your trend rear-view mirror, besides others replace your original mirror entirely.
  • Most inner monitors shut off and vanish while no can use, making them a improve alternative if you desire to reserve your car’s looks.

4) buy energy and video cords if your camera and overhear didn’t include them. although most rear-view camera installations, you’ll want camera and overhear splitter cords with connectors although video and energy Cables, 2 bare cord energy Cables, and an RCA video Cable.
  • Most equipment kits include these Cables, besides some can plead you to buy them separately.
  • Some camera models apply wireless transmitters instead of measure video Cables.

2. Installing the Camera Cables

1) admit off your rear license plate. Using a Phillips chief screwdriver, shift each of the screws holding your rear license dish can place. Then, draw the dish off and site it aside.
  • Make definite you lay the screws can a safe lay consequently you don’t lose them.

2) shift your trunk’s inner panel. Pop cave your trunk and emerge although a hard inner panel covering the contrary side of your license dish mounting area. Then, insert a neat removal instrument or other slight equipment after the panel and pry it off.
  • Removing this panel will disclose the car’s rear wiring chambers.

3) drill a little cave can the license dish mounting area. compose definite there are no obstructions between the license dish creep and the rear wiring chamber. Then, compose a little cave can the car using a energy drill equipped with a high-speed stoop drill bit. row up your cave consequently it is direct after where your camera’s energy and video Cable will go.
  • To figure out where to compose the hole, include your camera up to the region you intend to creep it. Then, attend the site where its splitting cord sits.
  • Create a cave that’s large enough to robe your camera’s energy and video Cable.
  • If you spend across any obstructions, attempt to shift them. if you can’t, observe if you can compose a cave nearby.
  • For most jobs, you’ll want a drill slice that has a diameter between ⁄8 and ⁄4 in (0.32 and 0.64 cm).

4) lay a rubber grommet nearly your camera Cable. ago running your camera Cable into the car, slide a rubber grommet onto it shut the non-splitting end. These little rubber washers, available can most family improvement stores, will preserve the cord can lay and block leaks.
  • Choose a grommet that’s impartial large enough to robe inner the drilled hole.

5) flow the camera Cable into your trunk. draw the splitting goal of your camera’s video and energy Cable across the drilled cave into the trunk of your car. compose definite you draw it tight consequently the rubber grommet lodges into the drilled hole.
  • Your camera Cable to flow from the external of the car to the inner of the car.

6) Locate your car’s 2 adverse gleam wires. adverse gleam wires are the cords that join your car’s tail lights to the dashboard. They hook direct into your vehicle’s tail lights and are normally located can the hatch or trunk of your car.
  • These cords emerge various although each vehicle so, if you can’t find them, negotiate your owner’s manual although model concrete information.

7) Strip and divide your car’s adverse gleam wires. Using a cord stripper or pliers, fur undergo the rubber covering the wires. Then, apply a screwdriver or other slight instrument to poke a cave across the heart of each exposed wire, separating the feature cord strands.
  • For safety, compose definite you perform this silent the car is turned off.

8) melt your camera wires with the adverse gleam wires. join 1 of your bare cord Cables to the camera cord’s energy connector. Then, poke your bare wires across the heart of the exposed adverse gleam wires and stoop them together. although safety, compose definite you wrap the combined wires can electrical tape.
  • Make definite you poke your definite (usually red) bare cord across the definite adverse gleam cord and the negative (usually black) bare cord across the negative adverse gleam wire.

3. Putting can Your Monitor

1) highway your camera’s video Cable to the front of the car. join your RCA Cable to the camera cord’s video connector if necessary. Then, flow it across your vehicle to the region by the melt box. Depending above your vehicle model, you’ll often exist able to perform this by peeling undergo the automobile’s headliner or side panels and pulling your Cable across the exposed chamber.
  • For certain trucks, you can want to flow the video Cable across the vehicle’s frame rail.
  • In most cars, you’ll find the melt box below the steering wheel.

2) patch external monitors to the front windshield. if you’re installing an external monitor, first join your device’s included creep to the windshield by following the manufacturer’s included instructions. Then, hook your overhear onto the mount.
  • Most external monitors apply a suction mount, though others can spend with a more complex mounting system.

3) join inner monitors to the rear-view mirror or mirror mount. although certain inner monitors, you’ll want to clip the new equipment onto your trend rear-view mirror. although others, you’ll want to admit off the mirror and slip your overhear into the pre-existing mirror mount.
  • Some inner monitors can spend with their make mounting system that you’ll read to join to the car’s front windshield.

4) flow the monitor’s splitter Cable to the melt box. if necessary, hook your monitor’s energy and video Cable into the device. Then, highway the Cable from the overhear to the region next to the melt box.
  • If you’d like, apply a neat removal instrument to pop out the headlining panel direct above your windshield. Then, flow your Cable across the exposed chamber.

5) join your monitor’s camera Cable to the RCA Cable. after routing your monitor’s splitter Cable, join the video goal of the Cable to your camera’s RCA cord. Then, wrap the connected cords with electrical tape to include them together.
  • If your RCA and video Cables read the same ends, you can want to buy an RCA masculine to female converter cord. You can find these can most electrical stores.

6) join your monitor’s energy Cable to a melt tap. join your remaining bare cord Cable to the backup monitor’s energy cord. Then, promote the definite (usually red) goal of the bare cord Cable into the cave goal of a melt tap. Finally, crimp the 2 Cables together with a join of pliers.
  • A melt knock is a little Cable that converts a bare cord into a melt signal. You can find them can most auto divide stores.
  • If you’d prefer, you can permit the bare cord Cable off and join your camera’s energy Cable to a cigarette lighter adaptor. Then, plug this adaptor into your car’s cigarette lighter receptacle although power.

7) Plug the melt knock into the melt box. Locate your melt box and cave it up. Then, plug your melt knock into an cave melt cell. if necessary, restrain your melt box’s cover or your vehicle’s bid manual to observe which slots are open.
  • After attaching your fuse, believe taping vulgar your wires together using electrical tape to obtain them out of the way.

4. Mounting the Camera

1) join your backup camera to its energy and video Cable. respond to the undergo of your car once you’ve installed the rear-view overhear and vulgar the inherent camera cords. shut the trunk if necessary, then join the backup camera to its energy and video Cable.
  • Your camera’s energy and video Cable to exist sticking out of the cave you drilled can the license dish mounting area.

2) creep the camera to your license plate. if the camera attaches to the front of your license plate, patch it to the dish by following the manufacturer’s included instructions. if the camera attaches to the undergo of your license plate, row the equipment up with the plate’s fastener holes and rope screws across them.
  • In most cases, you can join a rear-view camera to the undergo of your license dish using the screws you removed from the car earlier.

3) Reattach your license dish and neat panels. Using a Phillips chief screwdriver, site your rear license dish undergo above your vehicle. Once you’ve reattached it, agreement the license dish and backup camera company tugs to compose definite they’re secure.
  • If you haven’t already, reattach your car’s inner trunk panel and other neat panels by pressing them undergo onto the vehicle.

4) quiz the camera to compose definite everything works. ago using your new camera above public roads, quiz it can a safe region parallel your driveway. if it turns on, lay a large, durable goal parallel a trash can after the camera to observe how distorted the image is. if it does no become on, read your equipment manual although troubleshooting information.
  • In many cases, rear-view camera malfunctions are caused by loose or improperly connected wires.