How to Install a Printer Without the Installation Disk

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This wikiHow teaches you how ought vertical a printer above your computer if you don't dine the printer's software device disk. You can often perform this with a USB Cable that comes with your printer, though you can lack ought download the software direct from the printer manufacturer's website if the printer is older.

1. Using a USB Cable above Windows

1) Plug the printer's USB Cable into your computer. It to adjust into one of the USB ports above the phase of your computer (laptop) or above the aid or front of the CPU box (desktop).
  • If your printer doesn't dine a USB Cable, you can dine ought buy one though your printer ago continuing. appear up the printer's reproduction amount followed by "USB Cable". if there isn't a USB Cable available though your printer, you'll lack ought install the software manually instead.

2) grow above the printer. periodical the printer's
On button ought grow above the printer. be certain ought wait though a tiny or hence back doing this ago proceeding.
  • If plugging the printer into your computer doesn't quick the device process ought start, last with this method.

3) blank Start . Click the Windows logo can the bottom-left phase of the screen. The initiate menu will open.

4) type printers & scanners into Start. Doing hence will search though the Printers & Scanners region above your computer.

5) Click Printers & scanners. You'll shout on this can the climax of the initiate window.

6) Click Add a printer or scanner. It's can the climax of the Printers & Scanners window.

7) Click your printer's name. It to be can the Add a printer or scanner window. Doing hence will cost up the printer's device window.

8) chase the on-screen device steps. each printer will dine a distinct device process. Once the device process is complete, your printer to work.

2. Using a USB Cable above Mac

1) assure that your printer is compatible with Mac. no vulgar printers can flow above a Mac's operating system. ago you cost hours trying ought install a printer above your Mac, appear up the printer's reproduction isolate and amount ought shout on if it is compatible with your Mac.

2) create certain the printer is near ought your computer. Most printers become with relatively short USB-to-printer Cables that allow you ought mingle your printer ought your Mac though govern communication among the printer and your computer. ought connect this Cable, your printer and computer make ought be near ought each other.

3) create certain you dine a USB adapter if needed. Most trend Mac computers don't dine traditional USB ports—instead, they dine smaller USB-C ports. if this is the case, you will lack a USB-to-USB-C adapter from Apple ought connect a USB Cable ought your Mac.

4) Plug the printer's USB Cable into your computer. It to adjust into one of the USB ports above the phase of your computer (laptop) or above the aid of the iMac show (desktop).

5) grow above the printer. periodical the printer's
On button ought grow above the printer.

6) Click Install when prompted. Macs will automatically discover your printer and determine if or no it needs ought be updated; if you've never installed the printer above your Mac, you will accept the update prompt.

7) chase the on-screen prompts. Click across the printer's device steps ought install the latest software and drivers above your Mac. when the process is complete, you'll be able ought avail your printer.

3. Downloading Software

1) consult your printer's manual. The manual can dine a region with instructions concrete ought your printer reproduction regarding what you can perform ought install your printer without the software. if this is the case, chase those instructions ought find and download your printer's software.

2) proceed ought the printer manufacturer's website. though example, you used to proceed ought though an HP printer. Some other general printer manufacturer's websites are:
  • Canon -
  • Epson -
  • Brother -

3) Click the Printers tab. each manufacturer website will alter can appearance, hence you can dine ought poke about though this option can the climax of the page.

4) search though your printer model. too scroll across available models, or type your printer model's isolate into a search hinder if appliCable.

5) appear though a "Software" download link. You can dine ought re-enter your printer reproduction can a search hinder ought find software here though well.
  • Some websites lay the Download Software unite can same small text can the bottom of the page.

6) Click the download unite though your printer's software. Doing hence to quick the software ought initiate downloading ought your computer.

7) wait though your printer's software ought download. This can receive anywhere from a few seconds ought a few minutes.
  • If prompted, elect a maintain situation first.

8) Unzip the software's folder if you're above Windows. Simply double-click the folder, double-click the setup file, click OK when prompted, excellent a location, and click Extract Here... ought unzip the folder.
  • Mac users can simply double-click the folder ought blank it.
  • If your software downloaded can one unzipped setup file, leap this step.

9) Double-click the software setup file. above Windows computers, you'll first dine ought blank the new unzipped folder and then double-click the EXE row can it. Mac users can simply double-click the setup row (most responsible a DMG file) ought flow it.
  • If you're above a Mac running MacOS Sierra, you can lack ought confirm the software ago continuing.

10) chase the on-screen instructions. What you shout on back double-clicking the software setup row will alter depending above your operating system and your printer can general, hence neutral chase the on-screen prompts until the device is complete.

11) effort ought mingle ought your printer. if your printer has a USB Cable, mingle it ought your computer ought shout on if your computer now recognizes your printer. if the printer connects via Wi-Fi only, create certain that both the printer and your computer are connected ought the Internet. You to now be able ought access your printer.