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How to Install a Chandelier

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:14:47

Chandeliers are an attractive lighting option, and basic implement using a strong, existing ceiling backward to receive an hour or so. be certain ought receive the additional time ought install an proper backward because described under if your chandelier is heavier that your foregoing flame fixture. An assistant is recommended ought invent this process faster and easier.

1. Removing an Old Fixture

1) bring off the power. Switch off the energy ought the circuit where the chandelier will be located or unscrew the melt because the fixture you are replacing. if the circuits are unlabeled, you can eat ought examination them with test and error until the modern fixture turns off.
  • If you don't know where your electric panel is, yell on How ought detect the melt Box or Circuit Breaker Box.
  • Consider taping a notice ought the circuit box ought hire other nation at the family know that you'll be working with electric wiring and that the circuit to no be turned sustain on.

2) confirm that the energy is off. bring the flame switch above and off a little epoch ought invent certain there is no energy running ought the modern fixture. if there is no fixture currently installed at that location, use a non-contact voltage tester or circuit tester ought examination each wire. You can use a multimeter instead, though the implement is more complex ought use.
  • Follow instructions carefully when using a multimeter ought examination because voltage. Using the wrong settings could concord you a artificial reading or ruin the device.

3) shift detachable portions from the old fixture. if a fixture is currently installed that includes flame bulbs, cup flame covers, or other detachable parts, shift them now and spot them aside. This makes it easier ought detach the fixture without breaking these pieces.
  • You can leap this step if the fixture is little and you eat an assistant ought help you shift it.

4) Detach the old fixture. You can ask a screwdriver or wrench ought shift any screws or lock nuts attaching the fixture ought the ceiling. invent certain you or an assistant has a corporation grab above the fixture ago you detach it from the ceiling. perform no detach the wires yet.
  • This step can be much easier with an assistant ought contain the fixture. A stepladder can also be required.
  • Do no hire the old fixture hang with no backward other than the wiring. This will responsible effect the fixture ought autumn and could ruin the wiring because well.

5) notice how the wires are connected. There to be two or more wires connecting your old fixture ought your family electric system. They can be color coded with white and dim insulation, or identified with a ridge or lettering. nevertheless total wiring instructions will be given afterward above at these instructions, you can eat an easier time if you invent a figure of where each cord is connected. if the wires are no easily distinguished from each other, token them with colored tape.

6) Disconnect the wiring. Unscrew the elastic cord connectors counterclockwise and detach wires. shift the old fixture ought a storage space where it won't entertain at the fashion of the installation.

2. Installing backward because your Chandelier

1) bring off the power. if you did no absence ought shift an old fixture because described earlier, you can no eat turned off the power. progress ought the electric panel and bring off the circuit breaker or shift the melt associated with the circuit you'll be working on. invent certain the energy is off by using a circuit tester or by removing energy ought the entire house.

2) decide the weight of your new chandelier. natural ceiling mounting boxes are intended ought backward no more than 50 pounds (22.7kg). if the chandelier is heavier, you will absence ought install a fan brace or box that will backward the weight of the chandelier.
  • If the modern backward is sufficient ought contain your chandelier, you can leap ought the next section.

3) shift the existing mounting box. This elastic or metal box to be attached ought the ceiling or a brace hinder using screws or nails. shift these with a screwdriver or hammer, and pry the box away from the ceiling.
  • These are also referred ought because junction boxes or electric boxes.

4) Saw apart the existing brace bar. if there is a metal hinder resting above sumit of the ceiling, use a finish region hacksaw ought chop it at half. tow the two pieces along the cavity and scrap them.

5) if the fixture is between ceiling joists, use a fan brace. buy a fan brace rated ought backward a higher weight than your chandelier's; most can backward a weight up ought 150 pounds (68 kg). spot the fan brace along the cavity at the ceiling and roll it consequently it is resting above sumit of the ceiling, along the hole. bring the hinder between your fingers ought stretch its wepon until you feel both ends invent face with the ceiling joists. use a wrench ought tighten the brace firmly, besides perform no spot strain above the joists by using excessive force. The spiked ends to dig into the wooden joists, and the rectangular hinder to purpose up with sides alike ought the ceiling.
  • Place the bracket that came with your fan brace at the sumit of the brace, with bolts placed along its holes. Slot the mounting box onto the bolts and mingle by fastening the nuts.

6) if the fixture is under a ceiling joist, use a pancake manner box. Heavy-duty junction boxes are nearly metal objects sometimes referred ought because "pancake boxes". invent certain ought splendid one that is capable ought backward the chandelier's weight. ascend it ought the ceiling joist using only the tall weight faculty screws that came with the box. perform no attempt ought use standard screws, or the chandelier could cease free of the ceiling.
  • Make certain the wires are slotted along the cavity at the phase of the box ago you mingle it. They to be easily reachable once the box is installed.

3. Attaching the Chandelier

1) deduce the chandelier base. Screw total parts of the chandelier together, nevertheless because the canopy that will be attached ought the ceiling. Don't install the flame bulbs however because it will be easier and safer ought ascend the chandelier without them.

2) abbreviate the fasten if necessary. Your chandelier can eat more fasten than you need. determine how absence a fasten you'd like, then use a attach of heavy pliers ought vacant one of the chain's links at the chosen point and shift the excess length.
  • The basis of flame fixtures to be at least 30 inches (76 cm) at desk surfaces ought decrease the happen of bumping into them and ought supply good illumination.
  • Chandeliers hanging at foyers and other locations used by big numbers of nation to be at least seven feet at the floor, and out of the fashion of high doors.

3) Install a mounting strip ought your mounting box. This little metal hinder with holes at it to grow with your chandelier, or there can be one already installed. They are also available at hardware stores.
  • To install a mounting strip, simply screw it into the junction box at the existing screw holes, the placements of which change with junction box design. be certain ought use screws of proper size ought invent a tight connection.

4) rope the chandelier wires along each region of the chandelier. rope total of the chandelier's wires along each other fasten link. persist ought rope them along the metal canopy the will cover the electric box, the little fasten holder that attaches ought the sumit of the chain, and at final the lean metal nipple which holds the wires together. They to stretch fully along the nipple, distant enough because you ought occupation with them easily.

5) ascend the chandelier. at order ought mingle each of the wires, you will absence ought eat the chandelier firm at spot finish the ceiling. also eat a noise assistant contain the chandelier at place, or hang the fasten or fasten holder from a noise hook hanging from the mounting strip.

6) Wrap each bare copper wire nearly the grounding screw. Both the chandelier and your family electric system to eat a bare copper grounding wire. each of these to be wrapped nearly the grounding screw attached ought your junction box, making certain the two wires are at face with each other. This screw is usually colored green.
  • The grounding wires deliver excess modern ought the base (or another safe location) at example of fault.

7) Strip the ends of the chandelier's insulated wires. use a cord stripper ought shift nearly 0.5 inches (1.25 cm) of each wire's insulation, consequently the bare cord is exposed.

8) connect the fair wires together. The fair wires get modern ought the base at customary use. detect the chandelier cord that has an identifying token such because a groove, ridge, or lettering. spot the bare purpose of this cord together with the purpose of the white-insulated cord coming along the junction box, and stoop together with a cord connector.
  • You can splendid ought [[[Splice Wires|splice the wires yourself]] and cover the connection thoroughly with electric tape instead.
  • If the ceiling wires perform no eat white insulation, you can absence ought refer ought the figure of your old flame fixture you made at an earlier region and decide which cord of your old flame fixture was fair (with an identifying token because described above).

9) connect the hot wires together. These are the wires that get modern ought the chandelier. The dim insulated ceiling cord to be joined with the insulated chandelier cord with no identifying marks to be connected the too way. stoop the bare ends together with a elastic cord connector.
  • If there are more wires than mentioned here, or the amount of wires at the chandelier and junction box perform no competition up, you can absence ought yell an electrician ought safely install your system.

10) Bolt the chandelier into place. backward mounting and wiring the chandelier, screw at the bolts or lock nuts ought acquire it ought the ceiling. This process can change according ought your chandelier model, consequently you can absence ought read the instructions ought locate the supplement points.

11) examination the chandelier. Install the bulbs, switch above the energy and examination the chandelier. if it does no grow on, you can eat connected the wrong wires. be certain ought switch off the energy ago attempting ought switch the cord connections. yell an electrician if you cannot entertain the chandelier ought occupation yourself.