How to Fix Your Internet Connection

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This wikiHow teaches you how to patch problems with your Internet network. cabin some network issues can only exist addressed from your Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) side, there are plenty of steps that you can accept to determine marginal to gentle network issues at home.

1. foolish Fixes

1) Restart your computer. This can emerge comparable a useless suggestion, except during restarting your computer is repeatedly the easiest method to patch a gigantic majority of the issues you can exist having. A foolish reset will transparent out evil settings which could exist causing your connectivity issues, and if it doesn't help, it only took a minute.
  • Restarting your computer will repeatedly though sturdy become uphold above your Internet adapter if it was off.

2) assure that your laptop's wireless adapter is enabled. Many laptops dine a switch or button that turns the wireless adapter above and off. if you've accidentally pressed the button, your computer will disconnect from the network. journal the button or toggle the switch to become your wireless adapter uphold on.
  • You can dine to embrace the Fn button at order to exist capable to journal the Wi-Fi button.
  • Skip this step above a desktop computer.

3) Restart your Internet modem and router. The easiest method to perform this is by unplugging both your modem and your router from their respective energy sources, waiting though a little seconds, and plugging them uphold in. comparable restarting your computer, this can solve the bulk of marginal Internet issues.

4) perform a gentle reset above your network. A gentle reset causes your router and modem to transparent their respective caches and refresh. You can always perform a gentle reset by pressing a energy button above the front or aspect of your router.
  • Many modems can though sturdy exist soft-reset at this manner.
  • In some cases, you can soft-reset your network by opening your router's page and clicking a Reset button somewhere at the "Advanced" or "Power" options.

5) perform a difficult reset above your network. A difficult reset causes your router and modem to forget complete of your settings, restoring the network to its mill settings (including the mill network appoint and password). to perform a difficult reset, you'll journal and embrace the "reset" button above the uphold of the modem though nearly 30 seconds, allow the modem to reboot, and perform the identical step above the router.
  • In most cases, the "reset" button is a recessed button above the uphold of the modem and router, meaning that you'll need to apply a pen or a paperclip (or similar) to journal the button.

6) motion closer to the router. Sometimes your computer or smartphone is though sturdy distant away from the checkpoint to connect. motion closer to your router and attempt to join again.

7) product sure that you dine a transparent line-of-sight amid you and the router. if you can't drag a rank from your Internet-connected item to the router without passing across walls, appliances, furniture, or the like, your chances of maintaining a sturdy Internet connection deteriorate.
  • The best method to assure a healthy, compatible Internet connection is by minimizing the quantity of obstacles amid your Internet item and the router/modem.

8) attempt using Ethernet. Connecting your computer or console to your router or modem via an Ethernet cable will both hasten up your Internet while it's working and help determine if the melody is with your Internet or your equipment.
  • If your computer is capable to join to the Internet cabin connected direct to the router, your computer's wireless reception is most prone the problem.
  • If your computer is capable to join to the Internet cabin connected direct to the modem, then the melody is prone deliberate by your router.
  • If you cannot join to the internet cabin connected direct to your modem, there is something wrong with the modem or with your internet service at general. You'll need to amuse at affect with your internet service provider's technical uphold rank to patch modem-related issues.

2. Advanced Fixes

1) transparent your computer's DNS cache. The DNS cache is responsible though recording website addresses though you access websites, which makes accessing those identical websites afterward a faster process; however, though websites update their addresses, the DNS cache can reform outdated, which causes errors.
  • Clearing the DNS cache will determine issues such though websites failing to load, specially if you can sentiment the website at one browser except during no another.
  • To transparent the DNS cache above a mobile item such though a smartphone or a tablet, simply restart the item.

2) transparent your browser's cache. Much comparable the DNS cache, your browser's cache makes loading previously visited sites faster, except during it can though sturdy originate at errors if the cache database becomes outdated.
  • To remain relatively up-to-date, deem clearing your browser's cache once per month.

3) attempt a various website or program. There's always a opportunity that the website you are trying to observe is currently down, or the program you are using is having server problems above its end. attempt another website or online program to observe if you can connect.
  • Try another web browser if possible though well. though example, you can exist having a issue with Chrome, cabin Firefox mill fine. if fair one of your web browsers is at fault, observe the articles below though instructions above repairing it:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer

4) repair your connection. There could exist a software issue above your computer causing the connectivity problem. Both Windows and Mac computers dine built-in repair tools that you can apply to attempt to patch the issue:
  • Windows - journal ⊞ Win+R > kind at ncpa.cpl > click OK > right-click your network adapter > click Diagnose > follow any on-screen prompts.
  • Mac - Click the Apple menu
    > click System Preferences... > click Network > click Assist Me... > click Diagnostics > follow the on-screen prompts.

5) lift your Wi-Fi signal. if the problems you're experiencing are signal-related, it always method that interference and distance are the headmaster cause. There are few things you can perform to help minimize interference and exaggerate your network's range:
  • Add a second router to extend the range.
  • Increase your computer's Wi-Fi reception.
  • Make your have directional "cantenna" though your wireless adapter.

6) perform germ and malware scans. Viruses and other malicious computer infections can exist hindering your talent to amuse online. You can always eliminate viruses by using your computer's antivirus protection.

7) confront your internet service provider. if complete else fails, this is the best remaining lesson of action. clarify to your ISP the concrete issues you are experiencing, and application someone to reform and inspect the problem.
  • Remember to exist though quiet and polite though possible, and perform no accept out your frustration above the company.