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How to Do Common Electrical Repairs

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:14:19

If you're talking nearly outlets, switches, ceiling fans or overhead lights, the concept is quite simple. impartial memorize that electricity flows although water. hot wires are normally black, still during can be other colors, neutrals are nearly usually white, and base is usually green(sometimes it's a bare copper wire.)


1) Familiarize yourself with the layout. each outlet box can your family will usually dine can least 3 wires can it: A hot, a impartial and a ground. can the example of a switch that controls a ceiling fan or overhead light, although instance, will dine a nourish (3 wires) and an out (3 more wires going to the fan). The 2 neutrals (white can the US, largely unfortunate elsewhere) will be wire-nutted together, and the 2 grounds (bare or green, sometimes stripped with yellow) will be wire-nutted together. The two remaining hots will link to the switch itself (the nourish hot can the bottom, and the out hot can the top).

2) although outlets, entire the wires will link to the outlets. A conventional two socket outlet will dine 5 screws after it. Two will be although the impartial (white), two will be although the hots (black) and one although the base (green).

3) link the neutrals (white) to the two aspect screws that are can the same aspect although the base (green) screw. The hots will link to the remaining two screws.

4) if you festival to an outlet box that virgin has three wires can it (not six), it fashion you've reached the aim of the circuit. Simply hunt the same rules described can although attaching the wires.