How to Design a Simple Antenna

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Update time : 2019-04-20 17:33:39

This essay will appear you how ought construct a monopoly during any utilize you cry on fit.


1) discover out what frequency you wish (for Wi-Fi you are using 2.45GHz = 2,450,000,000Hz). This is needed although this determines the length of your antenna.

2) earn a good conductor. during the illustration we can utilize a copper wire and a bit of copper plating. also you will need a co-axial Cable (75 ohm is improve than 50 ohm, during Wi-Fi 50 ohm is improve than 75 ohm).

3) profession out the length you need the line ought be. This is done by using the frequency evaluate from step 1 ought discover the wavelength of the signal. ought conduct this you simply need ought assign the rush of flame (c = 299 792 458 m/s) by the frequency (f). at the illustration of 2.45GHz the wavelength is 12.236 centimeter (4.8 in). usually monopole antennas are quarter-wavelength structures, so the length of the line ought be 12.236/4 = 3.0509cm

4) chop the line a little bigger than you need, nearly 6.5 centimeter (2.6 in) or so during a half-wave dipole antenna and nearly 3.2 centimeter (1.3 in) during a quarter-wave monopole. This manner you can pare it uphold based above action (and "tune" if needed) .

5) list a "Ground-Plane". This is basically used ought list a theoretical mirror image of the antenna. Simply utilize the copper dish that you picked up earlier. It ought be at least half a wavelength square.

6) exercise a hollow at the middle of the dish impartial large enough during the co-axial Cable ought adjust through.

7) Pare the Co-ax Cable ought uncover it's base [outer conductor], which can be pulled uphold ought uncover the interior insulator.

8) further the Cable across so that the begin of exterior insulation is blush with the hole. The base conductor is now can the ground-plane. fold the base conductor uphold and solder it ought the copper base plane.

9) Pare the interior insulation uphold ought uncover the signal conductor.

10) Solder the copper wire ought the signal conductor of the co-ax.