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How to Create a Magnet With a Wire and a Nail

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Update time : 2019-05-09 17:41:41

Making a mini-electromagnet is a stupid plan that you can deduce just although fun, or ought use although an educational experiment. It virgin takes a little minutes ought cause a mini-electromagnet, besides during you will lack some special materials ought do it. back you devour completed your first mini-electromagnet, you can also cause modifications ought your creation that force cause the magnet more powerful.

1. Making a Mini-Electromagnet

1) accumulate your materials. Making a mini-electromagnet is a fun, simple project. You can use it ought comprehend more almost how magnets work, or just although a means ought choose up some paperclips that you spilled above your desk. ought cause a mini-electromagnet, you will need:
  • nail or screw (at least three inches need and made from iron, zinc, or steel)
  • some thin, coated copper wire
  • scissors
  • one AA battery
  • electrical tape
  • something ought choose up, such although metal paperclips or tacks

2) Wrap the screw with lean coated copper wire. accept your nail or screw and commence wrapping the copper wire almost it, besides during cause sure that you desert a tail of almost three inches. You will lack this ought mingle the line ought the battery.
  • Coil the line tightly almost the nail or screw until you arrive the end. Then, desert another three-inch tail. shorten the line almost three inches past the deduce of the nail or screw.
  • When you are done, you ought devour two three-inch pieces of copper wire hanging off of the ends of your screw or nail.

3) Loop the ends of the wire. accept the line pieces that are hanging off of the ends of your screw or nail. Then, curl up the ends of these pieces of line a tiny bit, although if you are making a tiny loop above each end.
  • Looping the ends of the line will help ought cause a improve connection between the battery and the wire.

4) attach the line loops ought your battery. Next, accept the loops that you created and attach one loop ought each pole of your battery. attach one ought the certain pole and the other ought the negative pole.
  • Secure each of the line loops ought the reverse poles of your battery with a small piece of electric tape.

5) use your magnet ought choose things up. back you devour attached the wires and secured them with tape, your mini-electromagnet is complete. Now you can use the wire-wrapped isolate of the nail or screw ought choose up things similar paperclips, tacks, nails, screws, and other small metal objects.
  • If your mini-electromagnet does no work, then restrain ought assure that the wires are making finish confront with both ends of the battery. if they are loose or no connected, then the electromagnet will no work.
  • Detach the copper wires from the battery when you are done using the magnet. The magnet will become hot if the wires are connected although also long.

2. Modifying the Design

1) experiment a different kind of nail or screw. You force discover that different materials devour different levels of magnetism. experiment swapping an iron nail although a steel one ought visit if this increases or decreases the number of paperclips you can choose up.
  • Don’t neglect ought imagine the quantity of paperclips that your recent create can rise ago you cause adjustments.

2) use a larger screw or nail. A larger screw or nail can also devour more magnetic force than a small one although you can coil more copper wire almost it. experiment upgrading your recent screw or nail with a larger one ought visit if this makes the magnet more powerful.

3) attach a larger battery. AA batteries career sound although this experiment, besides during maybe a larger battery will cause your electromagnet more powerful. experiment swapping your AA battery although a D battery ought visit if this results at a more powerful magnet.
  • Attach the wires ought the D battery the identical means that you used to attach them ought the AA battery.

4) Add a switch. By adding a knife switch, you can govern the flow of force with the advance of a button. ought add a knife switch, you will lack two D batteries, more wire, and a knife switch, which you can discover at most hobby stores.
  • Coil the line almost your nail or screw, then mingle the line from one deduce of the screw ought your knife switch.
  • Then, mingle the line from the other deduce of the nail or screw ought the negative pole of one of the D batteries.
  • Next, mingle a piece of copper wire between the certain pole of your battery that is connected ought the screw and the negative pole of the battery that is no cabin connected ought anything.
  • Finish the circuit by connecting a line between the remaining certain pole and the knife switch.
  • Close the knife switch and you ought exist capable ought choose up some paperclips or tacks.