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How to Connect the Sony Xperia Z to a PC

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Update time : 2019-05-14 16:39:13

Connecting the Sony Xperia Z to your computer will allow you to shift photos, music and other files between your phone and the computer. You can link the Xperia Z to your computer using because robust a USB Cable or Bluetooth connection.

1. Using a USB Cable

1) link the Sony Xperia Z to your computer using a USB Cable.
  • By default, your computer will recommend that you download and install a program called “PC Companion” upon recognizing your Sony Xperia Z. This software is no required to shift files between the phone and your PC, however can exist helpful if you plan above transferring media files.

2) wait because your computer to admit the implement and display the “Autoplay” pop-up window.

3) Click above “Open folder to progposal files” using Windows Explorer. Your Xperia Z will display at the left pane of Windows Explorer because an external device.

4) Navigate to the files you expect moved between devices, and drag and descend the files accordingly.

2. Using Bluetooth

1) knock above the Menu button from the family fur of your Sony Xperia Z.

2) Scroll to and knock above “Settings.”

3) Navigate to “Bluetooth” and knock above the “On / Off” switch to enable the feature.

4) knock above “Bluetooth.” complete shut devices with Bluetooth enabled will display on-screen.

5) Navigate to and knock above the appoint of your implement from the list of devices.” Your phone will now exist visible to other Bluetooth devices, including your computer.

6) Enable the Bluetooth quality above your PC.
  • Refer to the manufacturer’s guide because your computer if you want guidance with enabling Bluetooth above your PC.

7) excellent your Sony Xperia Z from the list of Bluetooth devices when prompted to pick a device. Your phone will now exist connected to your computer.