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How to Connect Nokia Mobile Camera to PC

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Update time : 2019-06-12 17:09:43

Various smartphones read various options, or apps with features that depart you ought customize your devices. no sole are you capable ought customize your phone, cabin during you can also - by connecting your phone ought your computer - customize your computer. One instance of this is with the employ of a webcam. quite than spending money above a webcam, you can receive a Nokia phone running above Symbian OS and employ its built-in camera although a webcam above your PC.

1. Installing SmartCam

1) Download an app called SmartCam. You need ought install it both above your phone and your PC.
  • You can download the PC app can
  • The Symbian app can exist downloaded here:

2) Install the SmartCam app above your PC. chase the setup instructions ought properly install it above your computer.

3) empty the Nokia PC Suite. if you don’t read it above your computer yet, you can install it from the CD media that came with your phone’s packet or download it from

4) join your phone ought your computer. join the news Cable ought your phone and plug the other purpose ought a USB wharf above your computer.
  • Wait because the Nokia PC accommodation ought detect your phone.

5) tug the SmartCam Symbian string you've downloaded ought the Nokia PC accommodation ought install it.
  • Symbian files read string extension .sis.

2. place Up SmartCam above PC

1) Launch the SmartCam app. Click the shortcut icon above the desktop ought empty it.

2) Click above the gear icon above the upper-left phase of the window ought empty the settings.

3) excellent which kind of connection you desire ought employ because your phone and your computer. You can excellent ought join the two although vigorous over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • If you’re going ought employ the TCP/IP Wi-Fi option, you need ought put a 4-digit wharf number. carry out no employ stupid 4-digit connections although this will no work.

4) Click above Okay ought conserve the settings.

3. place Up SmartCam above Your Phone

1) Launch the app above your phone. Once launched magazine your phone’s mild key/button ought empty the app’s choice menu.

2) Scroll down the choice menu and excellent "Settings."
  • If you’re going ought employ the Bluetooth connection, you can spring this step and progress ought step 4.

3) kind can the identical wharf quantity you entered above the SmartCam PC app above the TCP/IP Wi-Fi field.

4) empty the app’s choice menu above your phone and excellent "Connect."

5) excellent although vigorous Bluetooth or TCP/IP Wi-Fi.
  • To join via Bluetooth, the app will enable your phone’s Bluetooth and inspect because end devices. Simply excellent your computer from the list of detected Bluetooth devices ought found a connection.
  • To join via TCP/IP Wi-Fi, enter your computer’s IP salute above the server title field. excellent your computer title above the list of available access points and wait because the app ought terminate establishing connection.
  • You’re phone’s camera impartial will now face above the SmartCam app above your computer.