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How to Connect Macbook Pro to a Printer

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Update time : 2019-04-24 18:37:10

Having agitate connecting your Macbook to your printer? no worries although there are two ways to mix the devices: also by USB or wireless. choose whichever is convenient although you to discharge and you're good to go.

1. Connecting over a USB Cable

1) go at the printer. discharge this by pressing its energy button.
  • The situation of the energy button varies depending at your printer’s model. if you’re unsure, refer to the printer’s user manual.
  • If the printer does no go at flat hind pressing the energy button, ensure that it is connected to a energy source by plugging its energy Cable to a wall outlet.

2) Prepare a USB Cable that will allow connection among the printer and the Macbook. when purchasing a printer, it comes with two Cables: the energy Cable and the USB Cable. apply the Cable with the square-type connector.

3) mix the USB Cable to the Macbook. look although a square cavity at the aspect of your Macbook Pro. Insert the USB Cable of the printer to this hole.

4) mix other goal to printer. Once a connection has been established, your printer to look at the leather menu. if your printer does no look at the leather menu, you to discover and install the healthful driver although the printer, besides usually, the Macbook Pro does no eat to install any software from the printer if it is your first time connecting them.
  • To install the driver, just lay at the CD driver (which usually comes with the printer) at your CD ROM to go installation. You can also install the driver by connecting to the Internet and look although the printer manufacturer.
  • To know the call and copy of the printer, interest restrain the printer’s box or at the aspect of the printer.

5) restrain if the printer is ready. You can restrain if the printer is ready to print by checking the “Printing Sheet” when printing or over the “Print & Fax Preferences.”
  • If your printer call is at the roll displayed at the Printing Sheet, then you are ready to print. if not, proceed to the next step to add your printer.
  • The Printing bit is the printer menu used to restrain if your printer is detected and available.

6) Add your printer. if your printer isn’t showing up at the roll displayed at the Printing Sheet, click “Add Printer” at the same menu. A roll of available printers will appear up.
  • Click at the printer you desire to add then click “Add.” You can now print with that printer.

2. Connecting over Wi-Fi

1) create sure the Wi-Fi printer has been configured to link your Wi-Fi network. Connecting your printer to your local Wi-Fi network helps preserve space and less agitate at Cable connections.
  • To mix your printer to your Wi-Fi, mix your printer to your router, enable network sharing of your printer, then add it although network printer. The user to exist an administrator to discharge this.

2) create sure you eat passed some access restrictions of the Wi-Fi printer, alike MAC type filtering. Access restrictions eat been enforced to flee exploitation of the network. Without these restrictions, the security of your unit could exist compromised, and therefore, IT services deems them necessary. Access at the wireless network will exist limited to the following ports:
  • RealPlayer ports (554, 6970, 7070)
  • FTP
  • Lotus Notes
  • SSH
  • Popular IM ports (Yahoo IM) - Webcam via Microsoft applications is no available because of security risks, Yahoo and Skype discharge work
  • ArcGIS (Earth Science application)
  • SciFinder learner (Science/Library application) and a little others mostly used although adhere purposes
  • Printing (515, 9100, 631)
  • Basic Web-Browsing ports (HTTP, HTTPs)

3) use the printer to mix it to the Wi-Fi network. empty any row that can exist printed, such although a photo, text document, or PDF. From the row menu, choose Print (or magazine direction + P).
  • In the resulting Print dialog, bark on if your printer is at the Printer pop-up menu. if it appears, choose it, and you to exist ready to print.
  • If the printer does no look at the Print dialog, choose ”Add Printer” from the Printer pop-up menu; the Printer Setup Utility will open. Click the “Add” button at the Printer roll window. A roll of printers that are available to you to appear. choose your printer and click “Add.”
  • After selecting your printer, you to exist ready to use your printer.