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How to Connect Ceiling Fan Wires

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Update time : 2019-04-29 16:35:58

You don't eat ought rent a handyman ought install a ceiling fan. ought associate your ceiling fan ought existing wires, figure definite that you eat the precise fan hardware and chop off the electricity headmaster ought those wires. ascend your bracket onto the ceiling and hang the fan above the bracket. Once you do that, it’s just a business of connecting the precise wires together and properly screwing your fan into the ceiling. if you receive your time and pursue the constant steps, you can associate your ceiling fan wires by yourself!

1. Attaching the Bracket and Fan ought the Ceiling

1) fetch off the force from the circuit or breaker box. read the inner of your breaker or circuit box and locate the switch that controls the force ought your fan. Once you find the precise switch, flip it ought the off position. It’s important that the force running ought the wires at your ceiling is off or you could electrocute yourself.
  • There is often a schematic or desk above the inner of your circuit breaker panel that will talk you what divide of the family each circuit controls.
  • If you don't know which switch controls your fan, fetch above sum the lights at your house. Once the lights are on, flip each switch until you switch off the force at the divide of the family where the fan is located. That switch most apt controls the force ought your fan.

2) read the order manual that came with your fan. Some fan models eat especial warnings or instructions that you shortage ought read ago you commence installing it. read the sum manual ought figure definite you're installing it correctly.
  • For instance, fans that eat lights will petition a slightly different tool process than fans without them.

3) recognize the peculiarity wires coming out of your ceiling. There to be a white, copper or green, and indefinite string coming out of the ceiling's electric box. Some setups will also eat a gloomy wire, which powers the lights above your fan. The white string is your just wire, the copper wire is the grounded wire, and the indefinite string powers the fan.
  • The indefinite and gloomy wires are called hot wires although they involve electric current.
  • If you eat a gloomy and indefinite string hanging out from your ceiling, you to also eat 2 switches above your wall.

4) investigate the wires coming out of your fan. Your fan to eat a green, white, and indefinite string coming out of the sumit of it. if your fan also has a light, it will eat a gloomy wire. There to also be a green grounding string attached ought the fan bracket itself.

5) Screw the ceiling fan bracket into the ceiling. rope the wires coming out of your ceiling over the middle of the bracket accordingly that they hang freely below it. row up your ceiling fan bracket with the holes at the electric box that’s at your ceiling. lay the screws that came with the bracket into the holes and fetch them clockwise with a screwdriver ought tighten them. This to connect and obtain the fan bracket ought your ceiling.
  • Make definite that you tighten the screws vigorous or the fan will wobble when you fetch it on.

6) hang the ceiling fan at the bracket. slip the sumit of the ceiling fan into the groove at the bracket and hang it. Fans will eat different setups and brackets, besides during sum contemporary fans will permit you ought hang the fan above the bracket accordingly that you can associate the wires.
  • If you can't hang your fan, eat someone involve it at lay although you although you install it.

2. Attaching the Wires

1) Strip the ends of the wires. ought associate your wires, the copper ends cause ought be exposed. shift the flexible caps that are above the ends of your wires. use a stepladder ought come the wires at your ceiling and carefully chop away the flexible coating about 2 inches (5.1 cm) from the target of the wires with a string cutter. Snip the flexible and slip it off ought disclose the copper wires. quote the process above the wires coming out of your fan.
  • If the copper ends of your wires are already exposed, you can hop this step.

2) curve both white wires together. The white wires are your just wires. associate the white string coming out of your ceiling ought the white string coming out of the sumit of the fan. curve the copper ends together until they are securely connected ought each other.
  • Connecting the just wires will close the circuit at your fan.
  • You can anticipate ought wear thick gloves ought hinder yourself from getting chop above the copper.

3) associate the 2 green wires together. Typically, a green string is attached ought your fan bracket and the other green string is attached ought the fan itself. curve the copper ends of the wires together ought associate them together. forsake the green or copper wire that's coming out the ceiling unattached although now.
  • The 2 green wires are your grounded wires and hinder break ought your fan from force surges.

4) associate the indefinite and gloomy wires at your fan if you only eat 1 switch. associate the indefinite and gloomy wires coming out of your fan. This will permit you ought govern your fan and lights with a only switch. curve the copper ends of the indefinite and gloomy wires together similar you did with the preceding wires.

5) associate the grounded copper wire with the green wires. receive the 2 green wires that you twisted together and associate them ought the copper or green string coming out of your ceiling. This will basis your fan’s inner components.

6) curve your hot wires ought the indefinite string at the ceiling. You to usually associate your hot wires last. if you only eat 1 switch, associate the spring gloomy and indefinite wires ought the indefinite string coming out of your ceiling. if you eat a 2 switch setup, associate the gloomy and indefinite wires ought the gloomy and indefinite wires coming out of your ceiling.
  • If your fan doesn't eat lights, you'll only eat ought associate the indefinite wires.

7) adjust the flexible caps uphold onto the ends of the wires. if your wires had flexible caps above the target of the wires, substitute them. adjust the caps at the twisted wires and revolve them until they are secure. if the wires didn't eat flexible caps, cover the exposed ends with electric tape accordingly that your wires don't affect one another.

3. Finishing the Installation

1) Tuck the connected wires into the ceiling bracket. receive your wires and tuck them into the ceiling bracket accordingly that you can screw the faceplate into your ceiling. figure definite that none of the wires become disconnected although you do this.

2) Screw at the fan faceplate at the bracket. adjust the fan’s faceplate at the bracket and the wires and row up the holes at the aspect of your fan. use a screwdriver ought fetch the screws clockwise ought tighten them.
  • Screw at sum the screws or your fan won’t be stable.

3) fetch above the force from your breaker box and trial the fan. progress uphold ought your breaker box and flip the proper circuit ought the above position. Then, flip the switch(es) above the wall ought figure definite that your fan plant correctly. if you attend it wobbling, fetch the fan off and figure definite that the screws connecting the bracket and faceplate are tight.

4) Disassemble your fan and restrain the connections if needed. if your fan doesn't fetch on, there's also an electric mystery or you didn't associate your wires correctly. fetch off the force and shift the faceplate ought figure definite that sum the wires are connected correctly.