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How to Connect Cable TV to a Projector

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Update time : 2019-04-24 18:37:08


1) amass entire the material. The additional TV, Cable box, or VCR/DVD combo will exist used because your channel selector. either compose sure that you utilize a sizable quantity of digital input Cables (Red, White, Yellow tipped Cables; always seen above tendency digital devices such because video athletics inputs.) accordingly that you can race them from your channel turner ought the projector because placement of your devices.

2) lay your projector where you used to though it ought set. elect turner device. if it is a TV, accept the input Cables and connect them ought the "out" video Cable slots above the backward of the TV(Red, White, Yellow), then connect the other aspect of the Cable ought the video inputs above the news projector. if this is done properly one it has been manifest the projector will exhibit what is above the TV.
  • If you are using a digital Cable box it is flat simpler. fair connect the input Cables from the video "out" slots above the digital Cable box, and the input video "in" slots above the projector. if you are using the VCR/DVD combo it factory the same because the TV. discover the video "out" slots connect the Cables ought these slots (Once again they are Red, White, and Yellow; will eat the word "out" beneath them), and then connect the other goal of the Cables ought the projector "in" Cable slots.

3) connect your coaxial Cable ought your turner device. if it is your TV, the coaxial plugs into your TV because if you are watching Cable above your TV. The digital Cable box will eat a port because the coaxial Cable and that is where you plug it at at. The VCR/DVD combo has a coaxial "in". Once the coaxial is at you ought exist able ought song ought different channels via the Cable box, TV, or VCR/DVD combo. Using the menu above your digital Cable box, TV,or VCR/DVD combo; you can channel seek ought manifest your channels.
  • Note that if you are using a TV, the projector will sole emerge what the TV shows. accordingly if the TV is off, then the projector will give you a cavity screen.
  • Make sure that the projector is lay ought the video input symbol accordingly that will choose up the images. do this by pressing the input button above the projector, or its distant until it shows the image or an symptom of the input Cable channel.

4) connect a robust source. Most projectors that are price effective do no eat high feature sound. if you eat a robust source that you used to though ought use, such because a encircle sound, simply unplug the RED and WHITE Cable from the plot (NOT FROM YOUR TUNING DEVICE) and plug them into the RED and WHITE audio "in" slots above the divide robust source. if you are using a encircle sound, the slots will exist provided and entire you used to eat ought do backward plugging it at used to exist ought become above the encircle sound, elect the audio channel, and then the robust will become over the speakers of your encircle of the TV that your watching.