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How to Connect a PC to a Mac

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Update time : 2019-05-09 18:17:06

Although the two machines read various operating systems, you can still join a Windows PC and Mac ought each other and segment files. You don’t absence any expensive equipment. complete you absence is an Ethernet Cable.

1. Creating a Physical Connection

1) earn an Ethernet/LAN Cable.

2) Plug the Cable ought the Ethernet wharf above both of the machines.

2. Configuring the Windows PC

1) empty a window above your PC.

2) proceed ought Homegroup. above the directory panel at the left side of the window, click above “Homegroup.”

3) Click above “Create a Homegroup” button.

4) bridle complete the kind of files you expectation ought segment (documents, images, etc.) and click above “Next.”

5) recall the password. above the following page, you’ll exist given a password. receive notice of the password. You’ll exist using that afterward once you attempt ought join your Mac ought your PC.

6) Click above “Finish” once you’re done.

3. Configuring the Mac

1) Click above “Go” above the menu block at the upper left of the desktop.

2) choose “Connect ought Server.”

3) kind at your PC’s network greet above the Server greet field. utilize the following format:
  • smb://username@computername/sharename – i.e.: smb://johnny@mypc/users.
  • If the above format won’t work, you can utilize the Windows PC’s IP address: smb://IPaddress/sharename.

4) Click above the Plus (+) button ought add it ought the server list.

5) Click above the Server greet you’ve impartial added, and click above “Connect.”

6) kind at the password that you got from the Windows PC. Click above “Connect.”

7) empty your Mac’s Finder. The Windows PC’s call to now appear above the left panel beneath the Shared section.