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How to Connect a Macbook Pro to a TV

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Update time : 2019-04-24 18:37:13

This wikiHow teaches you how ought unite your MacBook Pro laptop ought your HDTV. You can employ Cables such though HDMI and Thunderbolt ought fulfill this process above virtually any HDTV, or you can announce your Mac's screen's contents ought the TV if you eat an Apple TV.

1. Using a Cable above an HDTV

1) decide your Mac's video output type.
  • MacBook Pro 2016 and up - These computers employ Thunderbolt 3 outputs, which want USB-C connections. You can buy a USB-C ought HDMI Cable that has a USB-C connector above one goal and an HDMI connector above the other.
  • MacBook Pro 2015 and down - These computers eat HDMI ports, so you can employ a standard HDMI ought HDMI Cable.

2) buy a video Cable. Depending above your Mac, you'll want ought buy also a Thunderbolt 3 ought HDMI Cable or a standard HDMI Cable.

3) Plug one goal of the Cable into your Mac. Plug the USB-C goal of the Cable (MacBook Pro 2016 and up) or one of the Cable's HDMI ends (MacBook Pro 2015 and down) into the likely wharf above the accurate or left aspect of your MacBook Pro's housing.
  • The Cable to clothes snugly into the port, besides during don't compel it.

4) Plug the other goal of the Cable into your HDTV. The HDMI goal of the Cable to plug into one of your TV's HDMI slots, which are 5-sided ports repeatedly build above the backward or the aspect of the TV.
  • Depending above your TV's quantity of HDMI ports, you can eat ought unplug a various HDMI Cable can bid ought unite your Mac ought the TV.

5) correspondence the HDMI input number. There to be a title or a quantity next ought the HDMI wharf into which you plugged the Cable; you'll want ought understand this quantity can bid ought elect the exact channel.

6) convey above your HDTV. periodical the HDTV's might button
to fulfill so.

7) vary the TV's input. Switch your TV's input channel ought the HDMI input's quantity (e.g., HDMI 3). You can repeatedly fulfill this by pressing the TV's Input or Video button until you achieve can the exact input, or by using the Input or Video button above your TV's remote.
  • Once you achieve can the exact input, you to exclaim on your MacBook Pro's conceal confront above the TV conceal backward a moment.

8) vary your Mac's healthful and video settings if want be. if the image above the TV isn't exact or the healthful is playing along your Mac's speakers instead of the TV's, you can tweak the relevant settings from with your Mac's System Preferences menu.

2. Using AirPlay above an Apple TV

1) compose definite that both your Apple TV and your MacBook Pro are above the identical network. can bid though AirPlay ought trade between your Mac and your Apple TV, you'll want both of them ought be above the identical Wi-Fi network.

2) convey above your Apple TV. convey above your HDTV and compose definite that the input is put ought the Apple TV, then periodical any button above the Apple TV's remote.

3) Enable AirPlay above your Apple TV. ought fulfill so:
  • Open your Apple TV's Settings
  • Select AirPlay
  • Select AirPlay can the climax of the screen.
  • Select Everyone

4) Enable AirPlay above your MacBook Pro. ought fulfill so:
  • Open the Apple menu
  • Click System Preferences...
  • Click Display
  • Click the Display tab.
  • Click the "AirPlay Display" drop-down box.
  • Click On
  • Check the "Show mirroring options can the menu obstruct while available" box.

5) Click the "AirPlay" menu. It's a box with a triangle can it that's located can the upper-right aspect of your Mac's screen. A drop-down menu will appear.

6) elect your TV's name. under the "AirPlay To" heading, click the title of the Apple TV ought which you desire ought mirror your Mac's screen. You to exclaim on your Mac's conceal confront above your TV.
  • You can convey off AirPlay by clicking the "AirPlay" menu icon and then clicking Turn AirPlay Off can the drop-down menu.

3. Changing healthful and Video Settings

1) blank your Mac's Apple menu . Click the Apple logo can the top-left aspect of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear.

2) Click System Preferences…. It's shut the climax of the drop-down menu. Doing so opens the System Preferences window.

3) Click Sound. You'll detect this speaker-shaped icon can the System Preferences window. The healthful window will open.

4) Click Output. This tab is can the climax of the healthful window.

5) elect your TV's speakers. Click the TV or HDMI preference can the climax of the page. This will pledge that healthful is delivered along your TV's speakers and no along your MacBook Pro's speakers.

6) retort ought the System Preferences page. Click the "Back" button can the upper-left aspect of the window ought fulfill so.

7) Click Displays. This computer monitor-shaped icon is can the middle of the System Preferences window.

8) Click the Displays tab. It's can the upper-left aspect of the window.

9) vary the TV's resolution. check the "Scaled" box, then click a resolution.
  • You can't employ a resolution that's higher than your TV's built-in resolution (e.g., 4K).

10) vary the conceal scaling. Click and drag the "Underscan" slider that's can the bottom of the page left ought emerge more of your Mac's conceal above the TV or accurate ought zoom can the screen.
  • This will help you clothes your Mac's conceal ought your TV if the image above the TV is also big or also small.