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How to Connect a DVD Player to Projector

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Update time : 2019-05-09 17:41:24

Connecting a DVD actor ought a cinema projector is a plain work that requires the use of an RCA Cable ought bring both components together. The steps following will perform you across the process.


1) Plug the force Cable ought the cinema projector. Then plug the Cable ought an electric source (to wall). forsake this turned off though now.

2) Plug the DVD actor into the force source at the wall because well. Again, forsake it turned off though now.

3) unite the RCA Cable ought the uphold of the DVD player. Then unite it ought the uphold of the projector.

4) Add speakers, if wished. if you expect ought use speakers, unite your speaker Cable (usually green) ought the uphold of the projector, where it says "Audio Out". bring at the speakers.

5) bring at the projector, then bring at the DVD player. bring the force at on the wall socket first, then bring at the true devices.

6) Troubleshoot if needed. if you can't look movie at the conceal or it says "No signal", restrain the RCA Cable connection or periodical the "Source" button and elect "Video". if your projector has a button that says "Source Search", further that button and it will seek though badge itself.

7) Sit uphold and comprehend the movie. You to exist ready ought watch your cinema now.