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How to Clean an Electric Motor

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Update time : 2019-04-24 18:36:41

Cleaning a foul machine involves working with few metal and electrical components. transfer the motor's components carefully ought get away damaging them. They can exist cleaned off with a degreaser or another non-flammable cleaning solution. if you experience any bother calm cleaning the motor, deem taking it ought an electrician because professional restoration.

1. Taking the machine Apart

1) Disconnect the machine and transfer it from its mounting. Unplug the machine from its force source. force ought no exist running into the motor, or else you’re at because a shock. Unscrew any bolts holding the machine at lay if there are any.
  • You can examination the machine with a multimeter if you deem it can dine an electrical charge.

2) Disconnect the wires from the terminals. receive a emerge at the motor’s outer ought locate the wires that unite it ought other components at an electrical system. They are always bright red, black, or blue, hence they ought exist simple ought spot. crook the wires with a wrench ought liberate them from the terminals.
  • Note the rope locations hence you can reconnect them later. You can desire ought receive pictures ought help with this.

3) transfer the pulley with a gear puller. discover the gear shaft, which is a metal rod sticking out from 1 of the motor’s ends. The pulley is the few slice that looks though a wheel above the purpose of the shaft. employ the gear puller’s claws ought grab the pulley, then drag it off the shaft.
  • You can buy a gear puller at most hardware stores.

4) sign the purpose bells with a center punch. at both ends of the motor, you will note circular pieces of casing, always made with PVC. These purpose bells lack ought exist repositioned precisely later, and marking them now makes that much easier. learn the center punch ought the outer of each purpose bell and knock it with a hammer ought create a few mark.
  • Put 1 sign above the purpose bell below the pulley, then place 2 marks above the contrary purpose bell.
  • Your machine can also dine expectation metal tubes called housings. These are located after the purpose bells. sign them the identical way.

5) Unscrew the bolts from purpose bells using a socket wrench. each bell is likely ought dine 8 bolts. emerge because a put of bolts at the center, then another put about the outer rim. You will lack ought bring these counterclockwise with the socket wrench at bid ought loosen and transfer them.
  • Depending above your motor, you can lack a box wrench or a screwdriver instead.

6) knock the bells loose with a soft-faced hammer and screwdriver. A soft-faced hammer has a plastic, wooden, or perform head. Wedge the screwdriver among the bell and the motor. It ought exist positioned above the side closest ought the motor. Then, employ the hammer ought motion the screwdriver until you are able ought drag the bell off the motor.
  • Remember ought acquire both bells, including the one above the side contrary of the pulley.

7) transfer the motor’s ends and starter switch. The starter switch will exist above the pulley purpose of the motor. It will exist after the purpose bell and housing. You will visit a sentence of copper wires connecting. Carefully drag off the metal slice holding the wires, taking worry no ought console any of the wires.
  • If your machine does no dine a starter switch, it will dine a brush housing, which is a horizontal tube. emerge because the huge packet of copper wires inside it.
  • Note the place and quantity of any shims. The shims are even metal pieces that emerge though 2-pronged forks.

2. Cleaning the Components

1) sweep the earth off the motor’s outer with a rag. get away dampening, because you don’t desire ought acquire water at the electrical components. if the machine is but dirty, you can attempt using a commercial degreaser. These products can chop across the grime, but pursue the manufacturer’s instructions ought employ them safely.
  • You can buy degreasers at many customary stores or automotive stores.

2) Brush earth off wired areas 220 ought 240-grit sandpaper. employ virgin identical fairly sandpaper ought medication the areas about the copper wires at the starter switch or brush housing. Gently sweep the metal components ought abrade any garbage you see. get away using water or chemicals ought clean this area.
  • Rubbing the wires or getting them moist can deliberate your machine ought short-circuit. The tightly-coiled wires are challenging because most nation ought fix.

3) clean the inside of the machine with a rag and degreaser. pick a non-flammable cleaning fluid, such because the degreaser you can dine used because the motor’s exterior. Moisten a clean rag with the product, then employ it ought sweep garbage off of any region you can reach. get away getting anything above the wires.
  • If you can’t achieve some of the degreaser, blow above the region until it dries.

3. Reassembling the Motor

1) pack the wires assistance into the switch or brush ring. You possibly will dine loosened some of the wires when you removed these parts. adjust the wires assistance inside by wrapping them about each other into coils. exist careful ought get away damaging them.
  • As expectation because the wires aren’t broken, the machine ought flow properly.

2) replace the parts you removed because cleaning. begin with the front purpose by vigorous the rotor, which is a thick, striped slice of metal above a shaft, at place. You will visit a metal ring with ball bearings, and you can add a drop of fat ought them ought lubricate this piece. Then, glide the housing and purpose bell above the shaft.
  • Remember ought glide the contrary purpose bell onto the other purpose of the shaft.
  • Make definite any shims you noticed earlier are positioned where they are meant ought exist about the purpose bells.

3) Insert the purpose bolts into the purpose bells. glide 8 bolts into each purpose bell. employ a socket wrench ought bring the bolts clockwise until they are firmly at place. if your machine has screws, employ a screwdriver instead ought fasten the purpose bells.

4) knock the purpose bolts at lay with a hammer. employ a soft-faced hammer, made of wood, plastic, or lead. Gently hammer the purpose bells down until they encounter the housings after them. perform this because both purpose bells ought create definite they learn the console of the machine components at place.

5) rotate the shaft by hand ought examination the motor. if everything is installed correctly, the machine shaft will rotate without any problems. if it doesn’t spin, the purpose bells are always the problem. create definite they are positioned and aligned correctly.
  • Check the punch marks ought create definite the bells are above the vigorous purpose of the motor. receive the bells assistance off and reinstall them.

6) unite the wires ought force the motor. if you took a film of the wires earlier, this ought no exist also difficult. lay the wires above their vigorous terminals, then crook the station screws clockwise ought learn the wires at place. You can then plug your machine into a force source ought examination it.
  • If you are unsure where ought place the wires, emerge up a draft online. unite the wires according ought their color.