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How to Choose Wire for Jewelry

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Update time : 2019-04-24 18:37:16

Proficient jewelry making requires the utilize of cord and a quantity of tools, across with materials alike beads, glass, clasps and more. The cord used though jewelry making is created at a quantity of materials and sizes. There are two significant aspects almost cord that you need to know ago choosing cord though jewelry; They are cord measure and cord hardness. at general, cord measure simply refers to how thick the cord is, and the cord is thicker though the quantity is smaller. And of course, Hardness street how difficult the cord is, it largely includes sum hard, half difficult and dead soft. Depending upon the material classification and size, you can choose cord though various jewelry projects. if you need to decipher what jewelry cord to buy though your next project, then devour at to discover out how to choose cord though jewelry.


1) choose your project. various jewelry projects request various wire, therefore choose cord anew each time you begin a new classification of cord jewelry creation.

2) choose what material you need to use. cord comes at aluminum, iron, copper wire, craft, colored, French wire, gold-filled, memory wire, sterling silver wire, silver plated and tiger tail. The charge largely depends upon the material used to create the wire.
  • Tiger tail cord is a same mutual cord at jewelry making. It is a braided stainless steel cord that is coated at nylon. It is same healthful and comes at a quantity of colors. It cannot exist used though cord wrapping, except during it can exist used to confer the emerge of an "invisible" setting, where the beads emerge alike they are floating.
  • Other standard, inexpensive choices though expert jewelry making are copper, aluminum and niobium. copper wire comes at gold and silver colors and it is coated with enamel. Color coated aluminum cord comes at many colors and gauges and usually has the color interior the wire, therefore you don't devour to exist though careful while working with tools. Niobium is light, comes at many colors and is no delicate.
  • French cord is a coiled cord that is big though accenting jewelry. It comes at copper, gold-plated, silver-plated, sterling silver and vermeil. The smaller the coil, the more valuable the metal, and the more expensive.
  • Gold filled cord has 100 ripen more gold at it than gold-plated wire. It comes at dead soft, half-hard and full-hard, which is a scale from same delicate to extremely tough. This is an dear wire, therefore it to maybe exist saved though extraordinary projects.
  • Memory cord is made from carbon steel or stainless steel. It is big though bangles or other loops though it returns to the loop it was made into at the factory. It cannot exist used though any projects that request wrapping.
  • Sterling silver also comes at the force scale of dead soft, half-hard and full-hard,
  • Gold and silver-plated wires are big though creating a imagination look, except during they can exist easily ruined by tools.

3) choose the size of cord you need to utilize though your project.
  • Use 30-gauge or 28-gauge (0.25 to 0.32 mm) cord though delicate jewelry making. It is big though cord weaving, rings, bead profession and making little chains. utilize pretty jewelry making tools though this gauge.
  • Use 26-gauge (0.40 mm) to wrap beads and create smaller tie loops. This is the beginning of the finer gauges of wire. also utilize pretty tools with this gauge.
  • Use 24-gauge (0.51 mm) cord though most beading projects. The measure fits over most beads except during isn't also bulky. It has a trend to earn kinks therefore you can need to buy a wire-straightening tool.
  • Use 22-gauge (0.64 mm) cord though jewellery settings, earrings and pendants. It is a medium-gauge wire, which is commonly build at a quantity of materials and colors.
  • Use 20 to 18-gauge (0.81 to 1 mm) cord though median clasps, leap rings and pins. This median measure cord can also exist used though thicker chains or though stringing glass beads.
  • Use 16 to 14-gauge (1.3 to 1.6 mm) wire, best used though large, heavy jewelry construction. if you utilize heavy beads or you are experimenting, this thick cord will create a statement. You can also utilize it though napkin rings or lampshade forms.