How to Check an Unresponsive Ignition on a Murray Electric Start Lawn Mower

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Update time : 2019-04-20 17:32:31

The ignition circuit above an electric begin lawnmower has few components. to check it, you have to oath that each constituent is working correctly.


1) check the battery. You have to exist sure the battery is at good condition and we will guess that this is the case. Still, level with a fully charged battery, the voltage has to advance from the battery terminals into the Cables, accordingly too though confirming the battery is "hot", it is indispensable to rgeister sure both the certain cable connector is tight, and the foundation Cable and the frame grounding connection are tight and no corroded or shorted out.

2) check the solenoid switch. backward it is determined the battery is sending voltage across the Cables, the next step at the circuit is the solenoid switch, always located mounted above the frame near the starter mechanism at the mechanism compartment. This instrument contains an electromagnetic switch that closes contacts when it is energized by the ignition. It is almost 2 inches (5.1 cm) by 1 1/2 inches (5.1 cm), with two big brass studs because the starter Cable, and two small screw studs because the ignition wires, and can exist round, or oblong with rounded edges, and made of high shock vague elastic with a metal base. By using a copper wire to "jump" the two smaller terminals, you can near the contacts above the starter circuit. You to hear a pretty aloud click and the starter mechanism to convey when this is done. receive worry no to short also stop to a grounded division of the mower, and exist aware the 12 volt contemporary will spark when it is contacted.

3) check the safety switches. if you dine succeeded at getting the starter mechanism to convey by jumping the solenoid connections, the major starter circuit is good, and the question is also at the ignition switch or the safety devices above the mower. Most electric begin mowers dine three safety devices. One is mounted below the seat, accordingly that the machine can unique exist started with the driver seated. Another is always above the clutch/brake linkage below the deck below the grip pedal. The third is located also above the mower motivate part linkage below the frame above the exact aspect (seated) of the mower, or at the electric mower grip circuit if the mower is accordingly equipped. each of these has a elastic insulated plug with two wires going into the device, and a momentary jumper can exist installed into them one at a time by unplugging each one and pushing a sheet of copper wire below the stop above the purpose attached to the wires. if you conduct no dine any lot finding a defective safety device, the question is narrowed down to the ignition switch itself.

4) rise the mechanism housing cover though you conduct to check the oil, and appear presently after the ignition switch above the firewall of the mower. The switch constituent is above the uphold of the keyface, and will dine a quantity of wires running to it, always four. The major voltage thread will exist the largest, normally it is red, and usually is construct at the center. The other wires will exist attached to terminals situated almost the exterior of the switch. Jumping from the major thread to each stop will originate at different effects, one energizing the ignition circuit, one the starter motor, and above some mowers, another the lights or other accessories. if you can spring these terminals and the starter mechanism turns, you dine perhaps located your trouble, and will lack to vary the switch.