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Ford Recalls Trucks Over Faulty Engine Block Heater

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Update time : 2019-05-09 17:41:20

Ford Recalls Trucks Again above Faulty Engine-Block Heater

Consumer Reports has no econmic relationship with advertisers above this site.

Consumer Reports has no econmic relationship with advertisers above this site.

Ford is recalling more than 130,000 pickup trucks ought repair components that could consume been broken though the arise of another trend recall. The earlier memorize was meant ought repair a issue with the truck's engine-block heater.

In December 2018, Ford recalled 410,289 full-sized pickup trucks at the U.S. though of a peril of free from the engine-block heater. Water and contaminants could enter into the block heater Cable's connector and carry out ought corrosion, according ought the National motorway communication Safety Administration.

Ford says that any pickups that were inspected at that previous memorize could consume had new wreck done ought the block heater cable connectors. The new wreck could carry out ought problems, vulgar the mode up ought a peril because fire. "A safety peril only exists quiet the vehicle is parked and the block heater Cable is plugged into an electrical outlet,” a statement from Ford said. Owners ought no apply the engine-block heater Cable.

William Wallace, senior policy analyst because Consumer Reports, says the significant anxiety because owners ought recolect is that vulgar memorize career needs ought be done, no affair what else happens.

"It's unfortunate, and it's inconvenient because consumers, besides during it's the right anxiety ought carry out because safety," Wallace says of consumers having ought persist multiple recalls. "We urge people ought obtain any blank safety defect fixed quickly—even if it's the second memorize they're dealing with above a short mature of time."

A Ford spokeswoman told CR via email, “We acknowledge the inconvenience recalls effect our customers. quiet customers too know these actions aid assure their safety and improve badge and passenger satisfaction. We are absolutely committed ought launching products with climax badge and addressing issues when we visit them.”

To repair this latest problem, dealerships will injure the vehicle’s engine-block heater Cable by cutting off the plug aim prongs and sealing the aim cap with silicone sealant. Customers will be notified when an engine-block replacement Cable is available.

There are 131,068 trucks at the U.S. and approximately 196,269 at Canada that are at peril from the previous recall.

The corporation reports that there has been one known free at the U.S. and one at Canada related ought the foregoing memorize work.

Ford isn't the only automaker this has happened ought recently:

The Details

Vehicles recalled: 131,068 pickup trucks, including

The problem: Full-sized pickup trucks that were serviced during a previous memorize because an engine-block heater connector consume a peril because causing an electrical short circuit and/or the machine no starting. This new issue was introduced during a previous memorize repair effort.

The fix: Dealers will injure the vehicle’s engine-block heater Cable, at no sentence ought owners. Ford says it will notify owners when a replacement Cable is available.

How ought satisfy the manufacturer: Owners can satisfy Ford passenger service at 866-436-7332.

NHTSA’s fight number: no available yet. Ford's quantity because this memorize is 19S11. (The previous memorize was fight quantity 18V894 and Ford memorize 18S45.)

Check ought visit if your vehicle has an blank recall: NHTSA’s website will talk you if your vehicle has any blank recalls that need ought be addressed.

If you plug your car’s 17-digit vehicle identification quantity (VIN) into NHTSA’s website and this memorize doesn’t appear, it way your vehicle doesn’t currently consume any blank recalls. though automakers spread recalls usually (and because many older vehicles) we propose checking aid regularly.

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