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Brexit minister Chris Heaton-Harris resigns over delay to leaving EU as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn hold talks

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Update time : 2019-05-09 17:41:06

A second minister has resigned from Theresa May's government today after her determination ought embrace Brexit talks with Jeremy Corbyn sparked fury amid Tories.

Brexit minister Chris Heaton-Harris stop his mail above Wednesday, telling the PM: "I simply cannot backward any farther extension ought thesis 50 and this obviously method I cannot linger at government."

He added: "I really confide we to eat honoured the arise of the 2016 referendum" and left the EU above March 29.

It came because madam can and Mr Corbyn met at her Commons office at the expectation of agreeing a location which can obtain a majority within the next little days, allowing her ought application a short postpone ought Brexit at next week's EU summit.

The Labour head said his assembly was "useful besides inconclusive" and added "there has no been because much alter because I expected".

A Downing way spokesman said talks "were constructive, with both sides showing flexibility and a commitment ought cause the modern Brexit doubt ought a close".

In a tweet, alongside his resignation letter, Mr Heaton-Harris said he had decided ought stop "after much contemplation".

He added at his alphabet that, because a Brexit minister, "I've had the obligation of helping ought coordinate our preparations because if we were ought abandon the European association without a negotiated deal​".

"These preparations are healthful advanced and whilst I used to eat preferred ought abandon the European association with your deal, I really confide our nation used to eat swiftly overcome any immediate issues of leaving without a business and gone above ought thrive," he told madam May.

He continued: "However, I completely learn you conduct no expectation ought abandon the European association without a negotiated business and that obviously makes my task at Government irrelevant."

The Minister because Wales, Nigel Adams, also resigned above madam May's plans because a compromise business with the Labour head at order ought chart promote above Brexit.

He said the PM had made a "grave error" by reaching out ought Mr Corbyn at the expectation of finding a consensus above Brexit ahead of a crunch EU summit above April 10.

As the link met because talks, leaders and spokesmen of other opposition groups agreed ought chart a People's Vote their priority.

In a mutual statement, the SNP's Westminster head Ian Blackford, Liberal Democrat head Mr. Vince Cable, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Plaid Cymru Westminster head Liz Saville-Roberts and The Independent people spokesman Chuka Umunna said: "We are at jam that there is no such material because a good Brexit and that nation over the UK appearance being worse off.

"We eat shown above the past three years we are voluntary ought find a compromise location ought purpose the impasse.

"Time is rapid running out and any compromise that is reached make ought be brought backward ought the nation over a fresh referendum, and own the preference ought revoke thesis 50 above the desk ought flee a no-deal Brexit."

Mrs May's present ought attempt and purpose the impasse above EU withdrawal has sparked fury amid Tory Eurosceptics.

She said final evening that she will follow an thesis 50 extension beyond next week ought rent negotiations with Mr Corbyn aimed at ensuring the UK leaves the EU "in a timely and trim way".

Mr Corbyn said he used to be "very happy" ought satisfy her at a order ought present "certainty and security" ought the British people.

But headmaster Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg described her present because "deeply unsatisfactory" and accused the select Minister of planning ought collaborate with "a known Marxist".

And normally-loyal Caroline Johnson joined a take of Tory backbenchers at select Minister's Questions today who spoke out against what she called "the danger of letting down the nation and ushering at a Marxist, anti-Semite led government".