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Fiber Cable Fittings

BWC Bare Wire Clamps for Steel Wires

  • Dead-ending of stripped steel messengers, bare catenary wires and stay wires.
  • The conical body includes a pair of jaws and springs anchoring system inside.
  • The stay wire or the bare catenary wire is inserted in the clamp body through its smallest opening.
  • Pulling the wire in the opposite direction automatically jams the latter in the body.
  • Insulated models equipped with flexible bails are also available on request.
Item No. Conductor (mm) Bail
BWC25 2.3- 2.7 rigid bail
BWC47 4.4 -5.0 rigid bail
BWC63Y 6.0 - 6.6 rigid bail
BWC25F 2.3- 2.7 flexible bail
BWC47F 4.4 -5.0 flexible bail
BWC63F 6.0 - 6.6 flexible bail